LEGO provides an update on the future of BrickLink

The LEGO Group has provided an update on the future of BrickLink, including the new XP interface and its software.

We’re now a year on from the LEGO Group’s surprise acquisition of the secondary marketplace. And to celebrate that anniversary, BrickLink’s official YouTube channel has published a video updating fans on the platform’s future.

According to the LEGO Group’s Chief Marketing Officer Julia Goldin and Head of BrickLink Marvin Park, the LEGO Group is planning to invest significantly in BrickLink, expanding the team with a focus on community relations.

“We are ramping up the BrickLink team and setting up a dedicated role of community engagement, to better reflect and coordinate different needs from the community, including sellers, collectors and builders of all levels,” says Park.

The team has also been working on improving and expanding BrickLink XP, the new mobile-friendly user interface that launched in beta earlier this year. Updates will include the addition of the classic storefront interface, as well as the return of the price guide. According to Park, these are the most-requested features for BrickLink XP, and will be available soon.

Finally, Park says the digital design software will receive monthly updates to improve the user experience. For example, ‘My Studio’ and ‘Public Studio Gallery’ will both be integrated into the base platform, so you can access all your builds without leaving the app. Other potential updates include automatic part optimisation, which will minimise the number of elements used in your creation without sacrificing its looks.

In the same video, Park announced the second round of the BrickLink AFOL Designer Program. You can read more about that here.

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