LEGO for Adults 10293 Santa’s Visit includes a hidden family recipe

The newly-revealed LEGO Winter Village Collection set 10293 Santa’s Visit includes a hidden reference to designer Chris McVeigh’s own Christmas traditions.

While most of the model is geared around a classic Christmas moment most of us are familiar with, in which Santa Claus delivers presents to kids by dropping down the chimney of the set’s inverted-corner house, Chris McVeigh – designer of 10293 Santa’s Visit – also managed to sneak a very personal reference into this year’s addition to the Winter Village Collection.

Take a closer look at the interior of the set’s snow-covered house in our official image gallery, and you’ll spot a couple of brand new cookie tiles waiting for Santa next to the fireplace. That’s part and parcel of the set’s focus on storytelling – of course there’s milk and cookies waiting for Santa – but the specific print on those new tiles holds special meaning for Chris.

LEGO for Adults 10293 Santas Visit 3

“I know we have a lot of different pastry tiles now, but this cookie tile is really close to me because it’s based on one of my mother’s holiday cookies,” the designer explains to Brick Fanatics. “Every year she makes a sweet shortbread cookie with icing and she puts maraschino cherries or sprinkles on.

“It’s called a Melting Moment, and it’s actually a recipe that’s been handed down from her mother, and maybe even older than that. So it was really fun to bring a bit of my own traditions to this set. We went with the sprinkles interpretation of it so that it had this kind of holiday feel with red and green sprinkles.”

You’ll be able to grab those new cookie tiles for yourself when 10293 Santa’s Visit launches for VIP members on September 16, or for everyone else on October 1. Click here to learn more about the specifics behind the new Winter Village Collection set, or head here for a full walkthrough from Chris McVeigh.

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