LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest review

LEGO Seasonal’s 2023 selection debuts with a beautiful natural build, but one that feels detached from the holiday it’s intended for.

For the past couple of years, a series of four animal-centric builds have been released themed to Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. In 2023, this pattern seems to have changed, skipping Valentine’s day and going straight into Easter. However, 40639 Bird’s Nest feels oddly detached from the holiday apart from an array of colourful eggs that don’t quite fit with the set’s subject matter.

Disregard the seasonal connection though, and 40639 Bird’s Nest is a perfectly adequate model to blend in with several other LEGO sets or comfortably decorate a space around your home.

— LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest set details —

Theme: LEGO Seasonal Set name: 40639 Bird’s Nest Release: February 1, 2023


Price: £10.99 / $12.99 / €12.99 Pieces: 232

LEGO: Available February 1, 2023

— Where to buy LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest

As a Seasonal set, your best bet for buying 40639 Bird’s Nest is from an official LEGO store or on though it may pop up in other retailers later in the year, as has happened in previous years.

— LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest build —

Following some patterns of the seasonal animal builds of other years, 40639 Bird’s Nest includes the nest, an adult bird and two chicks. These birds can be placed around the nest however you so choose, but it’s recommended that the older bird is placed on the turntable.

The next is one of the more detailed elements of the set with a simultaneously messy and organised appearance, as well as a branch of colourful flowers, an unnecessary but much appreciate detail that expands the size of the build and adds a vibrant touch.

Unfortunately, this detail is soured by the use of a grey element when the rest of the brand is brown. It’s hard to believe that this piece could not have been moulded in brown or a less obtrusive colour compared to the rest of the build, but it’s an unfortunate downside to an otherwise adequate set.

The wings of each bird can be posed however you choose but have very limited mobility. The chicks can only flap their wings up and down and the adult bird uses ball joints for increased, but not much mobility. This is understandable considering the size of the chicks but it’s disappointing in the adult as there’s room for more, be it legs or a rotating head. However, with the turntable on the nest, it’s not enough to ruin 40639 Bird’s Nest.

— LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest price —

At £10.99 / $12.99 / €12.99, 40639 Bird’s Nest is worth the asking price in all regions though any further in all regions would have been too much considering the volume of builds. As it stands, you’re sure to be satisfied with 40639 Bird’s Nest for £10.99 / $12.99 / €12.99.

— LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest pictures —

— LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest pros and cons —

40639 Bird’s Nest has some minor issues but nothing that ruins the entirety of the model. However, it simply doesn’t feel festive enough to be an Easter set. Instead, the chicks and nest feel more appropriate for Spring. As colourful as the provided eggs are, they feel slightly confusing after previous LEGO Seasonal Easter creations, though more colour mixing with the natural palette isn’t a bad thing.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with 40639 Bird’s Nest as a Spring set, or a model not associated with any holiday or season. This is a perfectly adequate creation with adorable builds for a fair asking price. It’s by no means remarkable and feels less festive than previous Easter models but it should pair well with other brick-built birds or natural models.

40639 Bird’s Nest pros40639 Bird’s Nest cons
Accessible, simple buildOne grey piece stands out compared to the rest of the natural build
Vibrant but realistic and natural coloursDoesn’t feel like an Easter set despite the colourful eggs

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— Alternatives to LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest

Described on as an Easter creation, good alternatives for 40639 Bird’s Nest include 40463 Easter Bunny and 40523 Easter Rabbits Display. However, we’d also argue that 40443 Budgie and especially 31143 Birdhouse are both good alternatives and accompaniments to 40639 Bird’s Nest too.

— LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest FAQs —

How long does it take to build LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest?

40639 Bird’s Nest takes around 20 minutes to put together, from the base of the nest to the final chick.

How many pieces are in LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest?

40639 Bird’s Nest has 232 pieces featuring a mix of big, medium and smaller elements.

How big is LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest?

40639 Bird’s Nest measures around 10cm high, 23cm wide and 15cm deep. Without the birds, the nest measures 7cm high, 19cm wide and 12cm deep. The adult bird is 5cm tall and 11cm from beak to tail.

How much does LEGO Seasonal 40639 Bird’s Nest cost?

40639 Bird’s Nest only costs £10.99 / $12.99 / €12.99 and includes two chicks, an adult bird and the nest.

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    On the grey bit – you could look at the Dark Red bit version that has been in a few sets recently – or just plain black – I agree it would have been nicer… Even the new DBG would have been better – and nice to get in a slightly cheaper set.


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