8637 Volcano Base LEGO Set


The LEGO Agents have finally located Dr. Inferno’s hidden lair, built deep in the heart of a raging volcano. Now it’s up to the LEGO Agents team to get there in the high-tech turbocopter with capture net, get past the high-security defenses using the lava pit monorail, and take out the giant laser cannon before Inferno unleashes its power on the entire world! This mission is top-priority and time is running out, but beware: you’ll have to defeat Fire Arm and Claw-Dette before you face Dr. Inferno himself! Includes Agent Chase, Agent Trace and Agent Fuse minifigures! Also includes Dr. Inferno, Fire Arm and Claw-Dette minifigures! Drop the net from the turbocopter! Help save Agent Fuse from the lavapit! Volcano Base has a rotating laser cannon, satellite, control room and front doors that open! Volcano Base stands 8″ (20cm) high and opens 15″ (38cm) wide!


Year: 2008

Pieces: 718

Minifigures: 6



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