The latest LEGO Star Wars helmets pushed their designers to get creative

The design team behind the latest LEGO Star Wars helmets had to get seriously creative when constructing the three new models.

The LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection recently expanded once again, with three new models having launched on March 1, 2023. The latest brick-built headgear reflects the look of fan favourite characters from both The Clone Wars and Return of the Jedi. 75349 Captain Rex Helmet75350 Clone Commander Cody Helmet and 75351 Princess Leia (Boushh) Helmet also presented their own unique set of challenges when first being created.

Brick Fanatics recently sat down with the LEGO Star Wars design team to discuss the three models, with one question relating to which of the new sets was considered the hardest to build.

LEGO Star Wars 75349 Captain Rex Helmet lifestyle featured 1

“For me, it was definitely the mouth area (of 75349 Captain Rex Helmet),” said designer César Soares. “Having the tubular parts of the sides go up to the front and then having that vent part – it should be overlapping the terminal parts, but was just not possible to do. Otherwise, we would have had overlapping elements and it would have looked awkward. So we decided to go for the printed wedge plates. It gives it a cleaner look, in our opinion. And also, the little markings were also very tricky. I had so many different combinations. And luckily, I think I was able to find one that worked quite well.”

Michael Lee Stockwell, Design Manager and Associate Lead on the LEGO Star Wars theme went on to reveal that 75350 Clone Commander Cody Helmet brought its own specific design challenges.

LEGO Star Wars 75350 Clone Commander Cody Helmet 7 1

“The chin and the lower sides of the helmet at the front (were tricky),” said Stockwell. “It comes down and slopes in this direction – it’s got to move inward at the same time. I was probably using every small angle plane in our palette to try and create this. I didn’t want it to look more complicated than necessary, but at the same time, I wanted to achieve the (correct) shape. So there were a lot of different things I tried to get right until I finally satisfied myself that that was the best option.”

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