LEGO Star Wars: The five largest sets

Brick Fanatics counts down the five largest LEGO Star Wars sets ever released in the long-running theme

Every year, new LEGO Star Wars sets are released to expand the brick galaxy, offering fan favourite characters, vehicles and locations. As George Lucas demonstrated in the opening shot of Star Wars: A New Hope back in 1977, size matters when it comes to this particular universe.

Some of the finest LEGO releases in the range are also the largest, and it is those five (or six) sets that Brick Fanatics counts down here…

5. 10143 Death Star II
Piece count: 3,441
Year of release: 2005

LGO Star Wars 10143 Death Star

Back when Ultimate Collector Series sets did not have minifigures, 10143 Death Star II offered the first ever set based on one of the Empire’s ultimate battle stations.

Using the iconic image of the partially constructed Return of the Jedi Death Star, the LEGO designers were able to capture a more interesting shape than that offered by the purely spherical A New Hope Death Star. The inclusion of a tiny Star Destroyer lends the model a sense of scale. While parts of the build are repetitive, the finished model is a weapon of doom worthy of a galactic despot.

4. 10188 Death Star / 75159 Death Star
Piece count: 3,803 / 4,016
Year of release: 2008 / 2016

75159 1

‘When will 10188 Death Star be retired?’, fans wondered for years. This incredible set was so appealing to so many people that the LEGO Group left it in production for much longer than a standard set, then when it retired released an updated version that is broadly the same aside from a few tweaks.

While 10143 Death Star II offered the ultimate display model Death Star, 10188 and 75159 offer the ultimate playset edition. This is what adult fans dreamt of as children, with the model capturing the shape of the space station but also including key rooms and locations, while including enough minifigures to re-enact memorable scenes in them. It might be the finest LEGO minifigure scale playset ever released.

Brick Fanatics counts down the five largest LEGO sets ever released

3. 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer
Piece count: 4,784
Year of release: 2019

LEGO Star Wars 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer 13

Following the success of 75192 Millennium Falcon, the LEGO Star Wars designers turned to the Star Destroyer for a refresh. With 17 years having passed since the release of 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer, this was an opportunity to completely rework the Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) edition of this particular star ship.

What is most impressive about this new model is that it has the impressive, imposing size that it does whilst also proving to be incredibly stable. It is hard not to be tentative when lifting it, but when it does need to be moved, it sure holds together.

2. 10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon
Piece count:
Year of release: 2007


Never had a LEGO Star Wars set so large been released before. Never had a LEGO set so large been released before. Not only did the set tip over 5,000 elements, but it also pushed the price of a LEGO set higher than ever before, at £349.99 in the UK and $499.99 in the USA.

The goal of the set was for it to be a model that was in scale to a LEGO minifigure, capturing the sense of awe that the audience feels when Luke Skywalker walks into Docking Bay 94 – although hopefully giving a different reaction to the farm boy. For the first time, the cockpit could comfortably seat Han Solo, Chewbacca and two additional minifigures for movie accuracy.

1. 75192 Millennium Falcon
Piece count:
Year of release: 2017

75192 Box1 V39

A decade after the first UCS release, LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon offered a new opportunity for fans to build an incredibly detailed display model of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. With the LEGO Group vastly underestimating demand, for its first few months of release the set was consistently sold out.

As its release was timed in the midst of the sequel trilogy release schedule and in the 40th anniversary year of the saga, this version of Solo’s ship can be configured with the classic radar dish or the version that appeared in The Force Awakens. Two minifigure crews are included too, one from each era of the story.

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