LEGO Super Mario Black Friday deals 2023

LEGO Super Mario is on its way out as we know it in 2024, so this is your last Black Friday to save on sets from the theme that are still on your wishlist.

It’s-a me, LEGO Super Mario Black Friday deals! The LEGO Group and Nintendo have been busy cooking up a brand new wave of sets for 2023 – but will we score any discounts for this video game theme for Black Friday?

You can see which LEGO Super Mario Black Friday deals are available at each of these retailers. We’ll also add the best and latest LEGO Super Mario Black Friday offers from across the internet as the Black Friday period progresses.

Best LEGO Super Mario Black Friday deals

Keep checking back here in November for the best LEGO Super Mario deals that Black Friday has to offer.

Latest LEGO Super Mario Black Friday deals

You’ll find all the latest LEGO Super Mario Black Friday offers for 2023 on this page. We’ll update the table with new offers as they come in.


Retailer Set RRP Black Friday price Black Friday Saving Link
Zavvi 71409 Big Spike's Cloudtop Challenge £59.99 £54.99 £5 Buy now
Zavvi 71407 Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower £59.99 £54.99 £5 Buy now
Zavvi 71416 Lava Wave Ride £29.99 £27.99 £2 Buy now

LEGO Super Mario Black Friday deals

Since LEGO Super Mario sets are widely sold, sets in the range often receive discounts at other retailers. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule, which are both more expensive and less likely to get a reduction.

71374 Nintendo Entertainment System offers a brick-built recreation of the famous games console. It also includes a television which mimics game footage from Super Mario Bros. It’s rather expensive as well, so hopefully it’ll receive a discount during Black Friday.

71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block takes inspiration from the 90s rather than the 80s, offering a scale recreation of several 3D courses. These can be contained within the block, which offers a few secrets once fully assembled. Since its RRP has gone up recently, a Black Friday deal would also be welcome here. 

LEGO Super Mario Starter Set Black Friday deals

Three different Starter Sets are currently available in the LEGO Super Mario theme. They’re essential for fans of the theme, as you need at least one of their characters to interact properly with the Expansion Packs. Therefore, they seem like likely candidates for Black Friday discounts. 

71402 Adventures with Peach is the newest Starter Set, featuring Princess Peach herself, a Toad, Lemmy Koopa and a generous chunk of scenery. With a few other sets explicitly designed to work with it, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a Black Friday discount on it in the future.

Of course, both 71360 Adventures with Mario and 71387 Adventures with Luigi Starter Course are also still available, along with the various expansion sets that cover virtually every character you can think of from the Super Mario franchise.

LEGO Super Mario Expansion Sets Black Friday deals

Speaking of expansion sets, this sub-genre of LEGO Super Mario sets are the most prolific addition to the LEGO Super Mario theme, so there’s plenty to choose from. Several impressive such sets have appeared in 2023, so with luck we’ll see some discounts pop up here. 

Some notable inclusions are 71421 Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam and 71425 Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride, expanding the Kong family massively. These brick-built monkeys are impressively detailed, with their gaming, pixellated background lending themselves well to being recreated out of LEGO bricks.

Retiring LEGO Super Mario sets Black Friday deals

2024 will see all LEGO Super Mario sets that are out now retire for good, so now is certainly the time to make the most of what will likely be the last flurry of huge discounts on the sets. If you’ve been holding out on adding an expansion set to your interactive line-up, then now. is the time to get off the fence – once you spot that perfect deal on this page, of course.

Will LEGO Super Mario sets be included in Black Friday deals?

Most likely, yes – the LEGO Group has held its own Black Friday shopping event for several years now and retailers will often feature exciting discounts on LEGO sets. The best deals are typically found over the entire weekend following Black Friday, up to and including Cyber Monday.

When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday lands on November 24 in 2022, which means the LEGO Group’s Black Friday event will likely take place from November 24 to 27. That includes Cyber Monday, which falls on November 27 this year, and may even have its own exclusive LEGO deals, separate to Black Friday.

What time do LEGO deals start on Black Friday?

The LEGO Group’s Black Friday deals typically go live at midnight local time, so keep an eye on from 00.01 on November 24 to see what’s on offer in 2023. Third-party retailers will often set their deals live from as early as the beginning of November or even the end of October, so keep your eyes peeled…
Be sure to check back on this page before, during and after Black Friday – the LEGO Group often releases early-bird Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, so it really is a great time of the year to be buying LEGO!

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