LEGO’s retired Creator Expert theme finally has a new name

The LEGO Group has finally rebranded its retired Creator Expert theme with a name more fitting of its new 18+ label.


While the majority of the company’s in-house adult-focused sets – across subthemes including the Modular Buildings Collection, the Winter Village Collection and the Fairground Collection, as they’re now known – were once branded as ‘Creator Expert’, that name was officially retired in May 2020 with the launch of 10273 Haunted House.

In the months since, no collective name has been given to the builds that now carry the new ‘18+’ label. Instead, some of them have taken on those new ‘Collection’ tags, while others – such as 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, 10292 The Friends Apartments and 10295 Porsche 911 – have been given no branding at all beyond the LEGO logo.

10295 Porsche 911 Turbo and 911 Targa 1

That’s finally set to change, however, as the LEGO Group has now confirmed (via the LEGO Ambassador Network) that ‘LEGO for Adults’ is the new umbrella term for all its models that formerly fell under the Creator Expert banner. That presumably extends to the Botanical Collection, Modular Buildings Collection and so on, as well as encompassing the models floating in the ether between those collections.

There are some caveats: it’s unlikely that ‘LEGO for Adults’ will begin appearing on boxes, for instance, and we’re currently waiting on confirmation that the new name will replace the ‘Creator Expert’ category on, which is still alive and kicking.

Plus, while the 18+ label has already jumped beyond Creator Expert sets to product lines including Star Wars, Ideas and Marvel, those models will still remain solely a part of their current themes, rather than falling under the ‘LEGO for Adults’ banner.

From a fan perspective, this is essentially all secondary to the bricks themselves, but how the LEGO Group chooses to market its models obviously factors into which models it chooses to produce in the first place. The continued focus on specific products for adults – and, by extension, adults perhaps not already interested in LEGO – could therefore continue to dictate the sets we see in the months and years to come.

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