Meet the contestants of LEGO MASTERS USA Season 2

24 contestants will be making up the teams in

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MASTERS USA Season 2, and we’ve got all the details on the

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, family and siblings all competing for the grand prize. 

The first season of the show only featured 10 teams, meaning the brick pit has been expanded to welcome an extra four contestants. You can find out more about the season here, with a rundown of the challenges revealed. 

Here are all 12 teams of competitors that you’ll see in the new series of

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MASTERS when it starts airing June 1: 

Dave and Richard
Ages: 43 / 49
Hometowns: Chicago, IL / Brooklyn, NY


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LEGO Masters dave richard

Caleb and Jacob
Ages: 22 / 22
Hometowns: La Crosse, WI
Relationship: Brothers

LEGO Masters caleb jacob

Bryan and Lauren
Ages: 25 / 22
Hometowns: Laguna Beach, CA
Relationship: Siblings

LEGO Masters Bryan Lauren

Susan and Jen
Ages: 44 / 48
Hometowns: American Fork, UT
Relationship: Friends

LEGO Masters Susan Jen

Zach and Tim
Ages: 18 / 47
Hometowns: Gaylord, MI
Relationship: Father and Son

LEGO Masters Zach Tim

Jack and Dawn
Ages: 67 / 59
Hometowns: Milton, OH / Coopersville, MI
Relationship: Siblings

LEGO Masters Jack Dawn

Natalie and Michelle
Ages: 32 / 42
Hometowns: Tulsa, OK / Mesa, AZ
Relationship: Friends

LEGO Masters Natalie Michelle

Syreeta and Randall
Ages: 33 / 34
Hometowns: Queens, NY / Chicago, IL
Relationship: Friends

LEGO Masters Syreeta Randall

Paras and Moto
Ages: 48 / 48
Hometowns: Boston, MA / Denver, CO
Relationship: Friends

LEGO Masters Paras Moto

Mark and Steven
Ages: 27 / 25
Hometowns: Atlanta, GA
Relationship: Brothers

LEGO Masters Mark Steven

Maria and Philip
Ages: 38 / 38
Hometowns: Grand Rapids, MI
Relationship: Married

LEGO Masters Maria Philip

Zack and Wayne
Ages: 26 / 28
Hometowns: Stockton, CA
Relationship: Brothers

LEGO Masters Zack Wayne

LEGO MASTERS USA Season 2 will premiere on Tuesday June 1 at 8:00pm ET / 9:00pm PT on FOX.

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