Four minifigures we need from the LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary

A LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary with exclusive minifigure is coming later this year and there are plenty of potential minifigures to take that spot. 

As revealed earlier today, the first LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary is coming on September 5, 2023. It joins DC, Star Wars and NINJAGO, all of which feature exclusive minifigures, offering an idea of what to expect. 

Looking at the previous LEGO visual dictionaries, the minifigures have all been an alternate version of a recognisable character from Teen Wu to Luke Skywalker with his medal and Finn in a bacta suit.

Keeping these criteria in mind, here are four minifigures that we’d like to see take the spot in the first LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary.


4 – Classic Iron Man 

Iron Man’s classic yellow and red armour from the comics has only been depicted with a Mighty Micros minifigure before.  

While a Marvel Cinematic Universe suit appears to have been inspired by the design, a proper minifigure for the iconic armour could be a good pick for the LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary. 

3 – Ravager Thor 

The draft cover of the LEGO Marvel Visual Dictionary features both Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Comics minifigures and this book may be a chance for some obscure costumes and characters from the films.  

Thor’s Ravager outfit from Thor: Love and Thunder is one such costume that was not featured in the two sets based on the film. 

2 – President Loki 

The Loki Disney+ series featured several variants of the titular character including President Loki in a formal suit and a badge advertising his campaign. 

While his headpiece may require a new piece or better left out, the variant would be a good pick for the exclusive minifigure as the series only received a pair of LEGO Collectible Minifigures despite its potential. 

1 – Werewolf by Night 

As the Finn in a bacta suit minifigure proved, newer characters are eligible for exclusive minifigures in the LEGO visual dictionaries. One of the more recent Marvel Studios projects that have had no representation in the LEGO portfolio is Werewolf by Night.  

This could be due to the tone of the special presentation, though the LEGO Group has released multiple werewolf minifigures before and the visual dictionary could be the best place to represent the project, or at least the character as seen in the comics. 

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