Mystery keyring free with online LEGO orders

The official online LEGO shop is currently offering a free mystery keyring with all orders.

Unlike most LEGO.com promos, you won’t need to meet a minimum threshold to bag this freebie. However, you also won’t know what it is until it turns up. It’s labelled as “5006463 Mystery Brick Key Ring GWP”, which could really be anything.

Mystery LEGO Keyring Bag

Of course, it could also just be the standard 2×4 or 2×6 red brick keyrings currently available at LEGO.com. That’s not super exciting, though, so we’ll understand if you want to ignore the word “Brick” and focus instead on the word “Mystery”. Mysteries are way more exciting, after all.

Well, unless you’re talking about the mystery LEGO Star Wars set that popped up on LEGO.com recently, which turned out to be… a First Order Stormtrooper Key Light. Ho hum.

Still, if you were planning on placing an order anyway, there’s no harm in getting something for free, particularly given there are currently no other promos going on at LEGO.com. And you never know – it might just turn out to be the single greatest LEGO keyring of all time. If it is, please do let us know.

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LEGO Star Wars Mystery Set Featured

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