New LEGO NINJAGO Crystalized trailer revealed at LEGO CON

As well as the set reveals and other announcements, a new trailer for the second part of NINJAGO Crystalized was revealed at LEGO CON.

Though the trailer has yet to be shared separately from the show’s recording, at least at the time of writing, Mercfusion 18 on YouTube has clipped the segment and shared it. It features plenty of spoilers for the first 12 episodes, which are already available to watch on YouTube and Netflix in select regions.

Now that you’ve finished catching up with the story so far, or you just don’t mind reading about the spoilers and physical models featured in this trailer, the footage showcases the returning villains and confirms one more.

The Overlord is back following his defeat in Rebooted as Garmadon mentions needing to destroy him. It could be that they are the Crystal King featured in 71771 The Crystal King Temple and in a centaur-like form in 71772 The Crystal King

Speaking of Garmadon, the character has also returned following his disappearance at the end of March of the Oni and his canon series of comic books. We’ll likely learn more about this new form he has in the comics when they’ve finished releasing.

A variety of sets can be seen in the trailer based on the most recent wave of models which are available now everywhere except the US, where they release on August 1, 2022.

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