New LEGO rumour hints at iconic Jurassic Park vehicle

A new rumour claims we’re getting another iconic movie vehicle in LEGO this year – and further details hint that it could be a much-requested Jurassic Park car.

Instagram user tandnbricks reports that the LEGO Group is gearing up to launch a ‘highly-requested’ vehicle it previously claimed it ‘couldn’t do’, and either of the two vehicles most closely associated with the original Jurassic Park movie would fit that bill nicely.

When 75936 Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage was revealed back in 2019, the absence of either of the franchise’s iconic vehicles – the Ford Explorer and Jeep – left many fans disappointed. But as the set’s designer Mark Stafford explained to Brick Fanatics at the time, there were other obstacles to releasing LEGO versions of those cars.

Jurassic Park Jeep
Image: Pat Loika, licensed under CC BY 2.0

“One day we want to do the Explorer and Jeep, but for now there [are] legal issues around who we pay our licence to,” Mark said. “I don’t know all the details around that, but it is hanging around at the back of our mind. We have quite a few versions sitting around, hoping they will be useful.”

We’re only a couple of months away from a new wave of LEGO Jurassic World sets landing on shelves, and while six of them are rumoured to be based on Jurassic World: Dominion, very little is known about the other three. One of them could easily be either the classic Jurassic Park Jeep or Explorer, timed perfectly for the debut of the new movie.

The original source of this rumour claims that the set won’t be part of Speed Champions, which really only leaves other licensed themes for a minifigure-scale vehicle – at least in the current portfolio. The third slide also includes red, yellow and black colours, which could hint further towards the Explorer, while tandnbricks has responded to a suggestion of that car with: “That would be great!”

This is still only a hypothesis based on a rumour, so don’t put too much stock in it for now. tandnbricks could still be referring to a completely different vehicle, and the rumour could turn out to be false anyway. But with another wave of LEGO Jurassic World sets on the horizon, we’ll hopefully find out more soon…

Featured image: Thord Daniel Hedengren, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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