No, building a PC isn’t just like building LEGO

The worlds of LEGO and PC building may seem similar in concept, but at the end of the day, constructing a computer is nothing like putting together a LEGO model. 

Whilst stuck in lockdown many may have chosen to pursue the PC building lifestyle, whether it be for work, gaming or just for those massive digital LEGO sets you’re designing. But don’t be fooled into thinking that your knowledge of the brick will guide you solely through the process. 

In truth, and as someone who has spent months carefully piecing together a gaming computer in the past, building a PC isn’t like making LEGO models at all. 

Now granted, both include the process of putting together specific pieces in the correct order to make something complex, but the differences become clear when you look closer at the individual parts. 


Image: Mike Schropp

In a LEGO set, the bricks are made of a simple plastic mould, perfectly designed to fit with one another, no matter how old or even what type they are. Even DUPLO can be attached to the most complicated models.  

A PC, however, is made up of expensive components that need to be understood at a base level before you even think about what other parts you’ll need. As some have no doubt learned from experience, not all motherboards fit in every case and some storage drives simply don’t work with certain types of computers. Understanding how, why and which pieces will work well with one another is key to the process. 

When building a model, even if you skip an instruction or drop the build, it can be easy to go back and fix your mistake. Unfortunately, should the same happen with a PC, you might have a more expensive repair job on your hands. 

Image: Quoras

Even when the job is done and your finished set is finally ready for play or display, you’re unlikely to run into any major issues while using it, and if there are you can always refer to the instructions for what went wrong. But a custom PC doesn’t come with a manual, sometimes you’ll experience countless errors for seemingly no reason at all, with no solutions other than to double-check your process and start again. 

By now you’re probably having second thoughts on mixing the hobbies of PC building and LEGO, but even that is a mistake. Yes, they are two very different experiences, but fans have proven time and time again that they work oh so well together. From custom cases to brick-built interiors, there’s plenty that can be done with LEGO and computers.

The best advice is to not rely on your brick-based knowledge when it comes to building a PC but to do your own research and try to understand what it is you’re making and how it’s going to work. Once the job is done feel free to personalise it to your heart’s content with whatever models you so desire, the only limit is your imagination (and case size). 

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