Only 5,000 copies of each LEGO BrickLink Designer Program set will be available to pre-order

The first round of crowdfunding for the BrickLink Designer Program launches later this week – but you’ll need to act fast if you’re interested, as only 5,000 copies of each set will be available.

A total of eight different rejected LEGO Ideas projects are in the running for the first round, but only the first five to reach 3,000 backers will go into production. You can take a look at all eight potential new LEGO sets by clicking here, though BrickLink notes that while six of them are ‘production ready’, the final product may still vary.

Pre-orders for each of these eight sets open on Thursday, July 1 at 4pm UK time, and if you’re interested in picking any of them up, you’re going to want to be there on the dot. Not only will the five successful projects max out at 5,000 pre-orders each, but BrickLink also hasn’t placed a limit of just one set per user.

In fact, each backer can pre-order up to five copies of each of the eight models (and, therefore, the five that will go into production). You don’t need to be a mathematician to figure out that means a minimum of 1,000 users could snap up the entire allocation for any given project.

It all adds up to what will very likely be a race to back the most popular projects in the mix – whether that’s BIONICLE Legends, Castle of the Forest, or really any of the eight great models – so make sure to set an alarm if you want to have any hope of getting involved in the first round of crowdfunding.

Should five of the sets not sell out instantly, crowdfunding will remain open through August 11. The successful projects will then go into production in September, with the first batch shipped out towards the end of the year. The prices haven’t been announced yet, however: we’ll only know those once crowdfunding opens on Thursday.

If you do miss out this time round, you’ll have two more opportunities to secure a BrickLink Designer Program set. The second round of crowdfunding will open on September 1, while the third will launch on November 1.

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