Rumoured LEGO Marvel polybag spotted online

Online rumours have suggested a sparkling new LEGO Marvel polybag could be on its way as early as next month.

The rumoured polybag is believed to be 30652 Doctor Strange Dimensional Portal Polybag, according to 1414falconfan via Although there’s no piece count yet, it’s suspected to cost $4.99, in keeping with standard polybag prices.

Thought to be on its way in February 2023, the name suggests it will be a brick-built representation of Doctor Strange and all the sorcerers’ famed sizzling orange portals. Although it will only be small, it will be the first time the magical portals will be recreated in LEGO elements. As such, if it’s done well, it will surely be a popular choice to pick up to fill out some sorcerer-filled battle scenes.

What’s more, a minor detail has been added to the rumoured LEGO Ant-Man set, days after the new trailer for the upcoming film dropped. We already knew that the set, known only by the number 76256, would cost €29.99, but now we also know that the expected piece count could sit at 289 pieces, according to 1414FalconFan. It’s believed to be on its way in May, but this could change due to the changed premiere date of the accompanying film.

As always, none of this information can be taken as absolute truth until we get an official reveal from the LEGO Group. Take it with a pinch of salt until then, but for now here’s a reminder of all the LEGO Marvel sets currently rumoured for 2023.

LEGO setPricePiecesRelease date
30652 Doctor Strange Dimensional Portal Polybag$4.99TBCFebruary 2023
76232 [The Marvels]€89.99TBCMay 2023
76253 [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3]€9.9967April 2023
76254 [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3]€34.99330April 2023
76255 [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3]€99.991,108April 2023
76256 [Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania]€29.99289TBC 2023
76257 [TBC]$29.99327August 2023
76258 [TBC]$29.99310August 2023
76259 [TBC]TBC275TBC
76260 [TBC]$14.99130TBC
76261 [TBC]$99.99900TBC
76262 [TBC]$199.993,128TBC
76263 [TBC]TBC66TBC
76264 [TBC]$24.9954TBC
76265 [TBC]$34.99357TBC
76266 [TBC]$99.99TBCTBC
76267 [TBC]$44.99TBCTBC

Featured image: Disney

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