Some of the rumoured LEGO NINJAGO 2023 sets sound familiar

Rumoured descriptions for some of the reported LEGO NINJAGO have similarities to previous official NINJAGO sets’ features and designs.

A rumoured list of descriptions for LEGO NINJAGO 2023 models has surfaced online and it sounds like some of these reported builds could be similar to past entries into the theme.

Note that at the time of writing, none of these builds has been officially confirmed and so they should be taken with appropriate caution.

71780 Kai’s Ninja Race Car EVO 

Price: €9.99 Pieces: 94 Minifigures: 1 


Not much was rumoured about the appearance of 71780 Kai’s Ninja Race Car EVO, but Kai’s Ninja Charger vehicle could be combined with the EVO functions of 71763 Lloyd’s Race Car EVO to evolve the model into an upgraded form.

71781 Lloyd’s Mech Duel EVO 

Price: €19.99 Pieces: 223 Minifigures: 2 

Lloyd has been treated to plenty of mechs in LEGO NINJAGO in the past 11 years but he has received a mech in the recent Core range too which was at a similar price range to this reported creation.

71782 Cole’s Earth Dragon EVO 

Price: €34.99 Pieces: 285 Minifigures: 2 

Cole has had two physical dragon sets in LEGO NINJAGO for the pilot season and Skybound respectively though the first model was closer to the rumoured price point of 71782 Earth Dragon EVO. However, the reported colour scheme of black orange and gold sounds similar to the Skybound build.

71783 Kai’s Mech Bike EVO 

Price: €44.99 Pieces: 312 Minifigures: 3 

While not classed as an EVO build due to it being an additional model in 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple, Kai received a mech as part of the Core wae which had a similar design to 71761 Zane’s Power Up Mech EVO. 71783 Kai’s Mech Bike EVO is also reported to be riding a bike, which could be inspired by 70667 Kai’s Blade Cycle & Zane’s Snowmobile.

71784 Jay’s Thunder Jet EVO 

Price: €9.99 Pieces: 146 Minifigures: 1 

Jay’s first elemental vehicle was a jet that was closely linked to his thunderous element and so it could be that the rumoured 71784 Jay’s Thunder Jet EVO may take inspiration from 70668 Jay’s Storm Fighter.

71785 Jay’s Titan Mech 

Price: €79.99 Pieces: 794 Minifigures: 3 

Provided the rumours are true, 71785 Jay’s Titan Mech would be the third Titan Mech for a ninja following 71738 Zane’s Titan Mech (which was a redesign of 70737 Titan Mech Battle) and 70676 Lloyd’s Titan Mech, both of which towered above other NINJAGO models in size.

71786 Zane’s Ice Dragon 

Price: €99.99 Pieces: 973 Minifigures: 5 

Zane’s dragon history has included two sets, 70748 Titanium Dragon and 2260 Ice Dragon Attack, both of which featured varied designs but with white and blue as part of the core colour scheme. That’s something that could carry over to the rumoured 71786 Zane’s Ice Dragon.

71787 Creative Ninja Brick Box 

Price: €59.99 Pieces: 530 Minifigures: 6 

LEGO NINJAGO has yet to receive a Brick Box but Classic, City and Friends have all been subject to these creative sets, offering options for multiple models and an easy way to store extra pieces.

71800 Nya’s Water Dragon EVO 

Price: $19.99 

Nya’s only full Water Dragon was one of the biggest LEGO Seabound sets and it seems unlikely that the reported price of $19.99 for 71800 Nya’s Water Dragon EVO could allow for such a big build. However, it’s elongated design and wing shape could still inspire the appearance of the rumoured build for a sense of cohesion between ranges of LEGO NINJAGO.

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