Second chance at LEGO BrickLink Designer Program sets starts later today

Pre-orders for the first round of rejected LEGO Ideas sets in the BrickLink Designer Program will re-open later today.

Four of the first five successfully-funded sets will be available to purchase, including 910010 The Great Fishing Boat, 910016 Sheriff’s Safe, 910017 Kakapo and 910028 Pursuit of Flight. A total of 5,000 copies of each model were originally available to order, with all four selling out in almost all regions during the first crowdfunding round (only 910017 Kakapo was still open for pre-orders in South Korea).

The LEGO Group and BrickLink have since decided to increase the production runs of those sets to 10,000 copies each – partly because of demand, and partly because it already accidentally sold 10,000 copies of Daniel Van Zonneveld’s 910001 The Castle in the Forest the first time round. Bringing the other four successful projects up to that number is simply levelling the playing field.

It does mean that the highly-sought-after 910001 The Castle in the Forest won’t be available again when pre-orders open at 8pm UK time (or 12pm PDT / 9pm CEST), however. But if you’ve had your eye on any of the other four projects, you’ll be able to head over to BrickLink later today to secure yours.

While the initial rules allowed each customer to order up to five copies of each set, the LEGO Group and BrickLink have now revised that limit down to a single purchase of each model. The increased production run for all five sets has also had a knock-on effect for delivery dates: any additional sets pre-ordered today will ship in June 2022 (rather than January).

Future crowdfunding rounds, meanwhile, will no longer take place in September and November as planned. A finalised timeline for the second and third batches of rejected LEGO Ideas 10K sets will apparently arrive at a later date.

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