Six sets we need from The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

One of the best things about The LEGO Movie: The Second Part is likely to be the many accompanying LEGO sets that will be released – what does the first teaser trailer tell fans about what they might get?

It was the first teaser trailer for The LEGO Movie that began to set fans of the brick at ease and foreshadowed the phenomenon that it would become. Now we have the first teaser for its sequel, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. This is the first opportunity to make some predictions about which vehicles, locations and scenes will make their way into what promises to be, if any of the previous movies are a valid indicator, a prodigious amount of [geot exclude_country=”United States”]LEGO[/geot][geot country=”United States”]LEGO[/geot] sets.

Not a lot of different places are shown in this first teaser trailer, but enough is revealed to kick off the speculation and wishlists…

Screenshot 2018-06-05 17.44.16

Dystopian Truck with Lift Arm

Mad Max: Fury Road seems to have served as an inspiration for many of the set pieces glimpsed in this trailer. It is therefore highly probable that we will get some post apocalyptic vehicles. This truck with lift arm seems like a possible candidate based on its size; it appears roughly proportional to the dimensions and piece count of the mechs from [geot exclude_country=”United States”]The LEGO NINJAGO Movie[/geot][geot country=”United States”]The LEGO NINJAGO Movie[/geot]. Count on some humorous gimmicks or play features being included to offset the potentially dark undertones.

Screenshot 2018-06-05 17.44.43

Coffee Unchained

I am in love with the weather beaten look of this building. The colours, detailing and textures – all of it is perfection. It would be amazing if we got a small post apocalyptic town set, or group of sets with which to make a village. It would be very interesting to see how the water stained and non-uniform texturing shown on these sand green tiles would be achieved, but I very much hope LEGO designers find a way to include it. Note the pun too – unlike the Starbucks inspired coffee shop in The LEGO Movie, in the sequel it is no longer a slave to corporate hegenomy and is truly “unchained”.

Screenshot 2018-06-05 17.47.19

Sweet Mayhem’s Sweet Spaceship

Considering how prominently this spaceship featured in the trailer and the fact that it transports almost all of the main characters it seems a near certainty that the vessel will be immortalised in the brick. What is more, it is quite small so it would be perfect for a lower price point in the range. While it is unlikely that it will include all of the minifigues shown in this image, a high number of desirable ones could be included in a manner similar to 70818 Double Decker Couch from the first film. Its colours and curves give it a bit of a [geot exclude_country=”United States”]LEGO Friends[/geot][geot country=”United States”]LEGO Friends[/geot] look, which is in keeping with the mini-doll pilot.

Screenshot 2018-06-05 17.45.06


Price points are always a driving factor in terms of what becomes a set and what does not. These small cyborgs are clearly channeling [geot exclude_country=”United States”]70901 Mr Freeze Ice Attack[/geot][geot country=”United States”]70901 Mr Freeze Ice Attack[/geot]  from The LEGO Batman Movie and will likely be a bottom end set, priced at around [geot exclude_country=”United States”]£10[/geot][geot country=”United States”]$12[/geot]. They could even serve as the model in a The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part battle pack. The dark colour scheme that uses rare hues could lead to a variety of desirable parts.

Screenshot 2018-06-05 17.43.35

Post Taco Tuesday Statue of Liberty

A wrecked Statue of Liberty appears twice in the trailer. Fans have long desired a remake of the classic colossal model 3450, which was available in the early 2000s. While a post apocalyptic version is probably not what many had in mind, the chance to get that much sand green could certainly facilitate a modification which would transform Lady Liberty back to her former glory. This would have to be a huge set but it would be awesome if the LEGO Group released it. More realistic fans may just opt to pick up the new LEGO Architecture release, [geot exclude_country=”United States”]21042 The Statue of Liberty[/geot][geot country=”United States”]21042 The Statue of Liberty[/geot].


Emmet’s Flying House Spaceship

Amidst all of the brown and sand colours found in the wasteland that was Bricksburg, Emmet’s sunny disposition is represented in his yellow house with a blue roof. This is pretty standard looking for a [geot exclude_country=”United States”]LEGO Creator[/geot][geot country=”United States”]LEGO Creator[/geot] house, until the Special converts it into a rocket ship in order to go and rescue his friends. If this could be a regular house, with instructions to transform it into a space ship house, that would be fantastically fun and perfect for the wacky world found in the LEGO cinematic brick bucket.

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The LEGO Movie 2: the Second Part will be released in February 2019.

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