Six ways to gift an instant LEGO collection this Christmas

With a broad selection of LEGO sets to choose from, we’ve identified some ways to pick up some full collections in one fell swoop. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our time at Brick Fanatics, it’s that one LEGO purchase tends to lead to another. It’s also easy to be tempted by a completionist urge – acquiring a full range of a particular subject matter in LEGO form.

To save you some headaches, we’ve assembled a few complete LEGO collections to inspire you over Christmas. Whatever your interests or holiday plans, we at Brick Fanatics have got you covered.

6 – Robert Pattinson’s Batman universe

LEGO Batman fans finally got something to sink their teeth into, with a substantial series of sets inspired by one Batman movie. Directed by Matt Reeves (and starring Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravtiz, Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell) The Batman was a well-received new entry in the Batman film franchise. It also inspired several LEGO sets, despite its mature age rating.


Still, there’s plenty for LEGO Batman fans to appreciate. Three minifigure-scale sets accompanied the release of The Batman, and they’re unusually generous with both their minifigures and subject matter. You’ve got both Batman and Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, and both Catwoman and the Riddler to contend with. You’ve also got a respectable Batmobile, a few motorcycles and a very classy Batcave for everyone to hang out in. In short, everything a Batman fan needs to enjoy themselves.

Theme LEGO SetPricePieces
DC Comics Super Heroes76179 Batman & Selina Kyle Motorcycle Pursuit£12.99 / $14.99 / €14.99148
DC Comics Super Heroes76181 Batmobile: The Penguin Chase£24.99 / $29.99 / €29.99391
DC Comics Super Heroes76183 Batcave: The Riddler Face-Off£59.99 / $79.99 / €69.99581

5 – Minecraft’s Nether

The Minecraft universe is full of unique environments to explore, but the Nether poses a particular challenge. You don’t just need to gather various rare materials to access it; you’ve got various hostile enemies within it to face, and endless pools of lava to navigate.

The LEGO Minecraft theme has visited the Nether on a few occasions, and the sets have evolved as the in-game Nether has. As such, there’s now three excellent sets to build your own comprehensive LEGO Nether. The modular nature of the Minecraft theme should also allow you to connect them together with very little effort.

ThemeLEGO SetPricePieces
Minecraft21168 The Warped Forest£24.99 / $29.99 / €29.99287
Minecraft21172 The Ruined Portal£24.99 / $29.99 / €29.99316
Minecraft21185 The Nether Bastion£29.99 / $34.99 / €34.99300

4 – A LEGO City street scene

LEGO City’s new road plate system makes it very easy to assemble a coherent urban environment – particularly as these plates are packaged with all new LEGO City buildings. This means that LEGO fans have some flexibility when it comes to building a street scene, but there’s several great options available at the moment.

60329 School Day is an ideal choice; this subject matter isn’t explored that often in LEGO form, so grabbing it now is an excellent move. 60321 Fire Brigade and 60317 Police Chase at the Bank are other great additions – and give you the fire and police representation that’s commonplace in LEGO City scenes.

Finally, you can unwind with 60291 Family House and give yourself some breathing room with 60304 Road Plates – which helps you expand your streets without too much difficulty.

ThemeLEGO SetPricePieces
City60329 School Day£54.99 / $69.99 / €59.99433
City60321 Fire Brigade£89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99766
City60317 Police Chase at the Bank£89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99915
City60291 Family House£44.99 / $59.99 / €49.99388
City60304 Road Plates£17.99 / $19.99 / €19.99112

60321 Fire Brigade

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LEGO City 60321 Fire Brigade

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3 – A raft of Disney ducks

The Brickheadz theme has delved into many corners of the pop culture universe, but one that’s been unusually well represented is Donald Duck and his pals. In addition to Donald himself, Daisy Duck has earned a spot in the Brickheadz theme – as have relatives Scrooge, Huey, Dewey and Louie.

As such, if you’re a fan of DuckTales (and who isn’t?) the Brickheadz theme will help you assemble a LEGO duck family rather easily. If buying these gets that theme song stuck in your head, we apologise in advance.

ThemeLEGO SetPricePieces
BrickHeadz40377 Donald Duck£9.99 / $9.99 / €9.9990
BrickHeadz40476 Daisy Duck£9.99 / $9.99 / €9.99110
BrickHeadz40477 Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey & Louie£21.99 / $24.99 / €24.99340

2 – A family LEGO activity

LEGO is obviously for everyone, but building something from scratch might prove a little intimidating to the more casual fan. If you’re looking for something more accessible, you might want to mix and match some LEGO sets this Christmas.

21226 Art Project – Create Together comes with everything you need to build some attractive LEGO pictures – and up to nine people can create at once thanks to the set’s modular nature. While this set is unusually generous with its parts selection – more than 4,000 LEGO elements are included – 41935 Lots of DOTS and 41950 Lots of DOTS – Lettering are ideal expansion packs, offering some interesting additional colours and shapes to build with. 

ThemeLEGO SetPricePieces
Art21226 Art Project – Create Together£104.99 / $119.99 / €119.994138
DOTS41935 Lots of DOTS£17.99 / $19.99 / €19.991040
DOTS41950 Lots of DOTS – Lettering£17.99 / $19.99 / €19.99722

1 – A thrilling deep-sea adventure

The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 theme has plenty to offer LEGO fans, but there are some wells it’s returned to a little more frequently. Fans of the ocean can choose from a variety of different LEGO sea creatures at the moment, letting you create a vibrant undersea world in LEGO form.

31130 Sunken Treasure Mission is an obvious starting point; it comes with a submarine for exploration and one of the best LEGO octopuses (octopi?) ever assembled. Pair it up with 31128 Dolphin and Turtle and 31088 Deep Sea Creatures for even more fun – and since all of these sets offer multiple build options, buying multiples of each set will help you expand your underwater world very easily indeed.

ThemeLEGO SetPricePieces
Creator 3-in-131130 Sunken Treasure Mission£24.99 / $34.99 / €29.99522
Creator 3-in-131128 Dolphin and Turtle£8.99 / $9.99 / €9.99137
Creator 3-in-131088 Deep Sea Creatures£12.99 / $14.99 / €14.99230

Look out for all of these sets at, but act fact to avoid disappointment – as a few are scheduled for retirement by the end of 2022.

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