Swing on over to the LEGO Marvel 76178 Daily Bugle designer video

The designer video for LEGO Marvel’s biggest set yet, 76178 Daily Bugle, has been released taking us behind the webs of the comic book model.

Continuing the tradition of releasing in-depth videos detailing the development and design of some of the LEGO Group’s most unique sets, Mark Stafford is on hand to take us on a tour of New York’s most popular, fictional newspaper, 76178 Daily Bugle.

The first part of the video is dedicated to a floor-by-floor explanation of the set that details the overall narrative in the build. However, the focus quickly shifts onto how it came to be, with graphic designer Mark Tranter taking the wheel. He was partially responsible for designing the many prints and sticker designs throughout the set, including the various newspaper headlines.

“The building itself is an odd number of bricks wide, which we wouldn’t normally try to design an entire building like that,” said Mark Stafford. “It means the alleyway on one side is five studs wide and the other side is six studs wide and I had to deal with an even-numbered doorway going into an odd-numbered building. There was no single technique to solve that, there were lots of little issues to solve all the way through.”


It’s also explained that the minifigure selection was chosen to represent the various eras of Spider-Man from his debut in the 1960s all the way up to the modern-day with characters like Spider-Ham and Miles Morales. Those latter two actually appeared in the award-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, which is referenced through the appearance of an oscar in J. Jonah Jameson’s office.

LEGO Marvel 76178 Daily Bugle is available now from the official online store with 25 minifigures, many of which are exclusive and debut fan-favourite characters for the first time in LEGO form. You can also read up on why it’s a dream set for designer Mark Stafford.

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