The LEGO Batman Movie sequel almost had a never-before-seen crossover

More details have surfaced for the cancelled The LEGO Batman Movie sequel, including how the story would have involved a crossover that now may never be.

Chris McKay has already confirmed that the planned sequel for The LEGO Batman Movie is no longer in production, but the director is back in an interview with Collider to discuss more of what could have been in a more serious, but still over the top LEGO Batman Movie.

“The studio was leery of LEGO Batman being an actual Batman movie so I was constantly told to hold back. Audiences proved them wrong. I would have quadrupled down on making it as much of a real Justice League movie as humanly possible.” commented Chris on some of the challenges the idea faced.

“We had lots of great voice actors from The LEGO Movie and LEGO Batman. The villain was going to be Lex Luthor … and OMAC,” said Chris McKay. “There was also going to be a big crossover at one point in the movie that you can only do in a LEGO movie. I’m sure you can guess what it was. The thing that will probably never happen in a live-action movie.”


The exact details of that planned crossover weren’t disclosed, but there are more than a few properties we can imagine LEGO Batman meeting, including some Marvel superheroes.

It sounds like it would have been a film to remember but with Universal Pictures now helming the future of the LEGO movies, it’s more than enough reason to never expect a sequel. Of course, we’ll update you if the director turns out to be wrong.

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