The LEGO Group introduces Responsible Business Principles

The LEGO Group is introducing a new set of rules, known as Responsible Business Principles, in order to ensure the company’s principles follow all the way through the supply chain.

In a press release, the LEGO Group has announced the company’s Responsible Business Principles. This new set of guidelines and requirements is intended to ensure that all suppliers and partners working with the company are in line with the LEGO Group’s ethos. Family Friendly Workplace principles are part of the new rules, recognising the importance of parental influence in early childhood.

Suppliers and partners working with the LEGO Group have had to sign up the company’s Code of Conduct since 1997, with these new principles updated to follow the latest legal requirements and industry standards.

“In line with the LEGO spirit ‘Only the best is good enough’, we want to continuously progress our responsible business conduct across our supply chain. The new principles introduce two levels of performance; mandatory requirements and best practice targets and reflect our mission of inspiring and developing children and our long-standing Planet Promise to have a positive impact on society and the planet our children will inherit,” said Kathrine Kirk Muff, Vice President for Social Responsibility and Engagement at the LEGO Group.

According to the press release the Responsible Business Principles go beyond complying with legal requirements as part of the LEGO Group’s Responsible Sourcing Program.

“Improving practices in relation to parental leave, breastfeeding support, childcare and flexible working time arrangements are critical ways in which businesses can support early childhood development. By introducing family-friendly workplace policies to its supplier code of conduct, the LEGO Group has taken a leadership position in supporting the ability of workers in its supply chain to better connect with their children,” said Gary Stahl, UNICEF’s Director of Private Fundraising and Partnerships. UNICEF helped to shape the new Family Friendly Workplace principle.

All direct suppliers and licensing partners must sign up to the new guidelines in order to work with the LEGO Group, also ensuring that sub-suppliers comply with the rules.


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