The LEGO NINJAGO Movie 70607 NINJAGO City Chase review

Small sets are often gambles – will 70607 NINJAGO City Chase be packed with value or a forgettable little build?

Price: £14.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 Pieces: 233 Availability: Now

This low priced set in The LEGO NINJAGO Movie theme features a sense of the bustling NINJAGO City, offering three small builds along with an unjustified but welcome five minifigures.

70607 NINJAGO City Chase is a treasure for a lot of reasons. Despite being the second smallest The LEGO NINJAGO Movie set released outside of polybags and promotional sets, 70607 packs a punch far out of proportion to its size.

Ninjago City Battle -1

The impressive minifigure selection was the primary positive draw to 70607 when images were released. A set at this price point with five minifigures is highly unusual in the LEGO line-up. The fact that four of them are exclusive to this set is even better news, and the rest of the set being not only decent, but excellent, is icing on top of an already delicious cake. Both Nya and Lloyd appear in street clothes, allowing both of them to literally let their hair down. Nya’s hair piece is amazing, currently only appearing in one other set. The shopkeeper, who showed up in the first trailer for the film, is found here screaming in terror.

The rest of the set is comprised of three distinct builds. Aside from the theme’s D2C set, NINJAGO City at over ten times the price, this is the only offering from the movie to include any components from the location itself. The small market stall finds the beleaguered shopkeeper is trying to hawk fruits and fish – the structure is simple but effective. A small, perfectly crafted police vehicle really fits in with the aesthetic of the movie. Finally we come to the third and last build. This is where the secret of this set lies – I’ll give you a hint, it is those four coloured signs.

70607 NINJAGO City Chase provides four fabulous signs – two street signs, a crosswalk indicator and a small advertisement. For those looking to expand 70620 NINJAGO City, such stickers are invaluable, as these are the kind of details that make large builds pop. For this reason above all I would encourage you to pick up as many copies of this set as you can. Of course that does not negate the excellent little builds and five desirable minifigures- I unequivocally recommend NINJAGO City Chase.

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