Unleashing the LEGO Kraken

Jason Marriott has taken microscale to the max, building a LEGO recreation of the mythical Kraken that dwarfs the ships around it

The Kraken, according to Scandinavian mythology, is a magnificent giant sea creature notorious for attacking men, ships and whatever else may stand in its way. Its body over one mile long was so large it was said it was often mistaken for an entire island.

Originating from an old 13th Century Icelandic saga, many different tales of the Kraken have come to surface over the ages. The return of the Kraken in this LEGO build is of the Steampunk variety. Created over the course of nine months the Kraken is my largest build to date. Finding the right balance between retaining the iconic look of this sea creature while incorporating a Steampunk aesthetic was very challenging.



The wine bottle glass effect of the body utilised a SNOT 180 degree technique in the centre to allow a change in direction of studs to complete the build. The wave ripple and foam effects give the scene more life and give plenty of grandeur to the disastrous event about to take place.

Even though the scene in its entirety is indeed quite large, I love the fact that essentially it is a micro scale model.
Throughout my life I’ve always admired mythological tales of old, recreating this historic creature with such a different twist has been an absolute pleasure. Who knows what monsters lurk below?

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