Everything you need to upgrade LEGO ICONS 10308 Holiday Main Street

LEGO ICONS 10308 Holiday Main Street can be upgraded and motorised with four additional items to create a captivating Winter Village display. 

As advertised on the back of the box for 10308 Holiday Main Street, and for the most part on its listing on the official online store, there are four things you’ll need if you want to motorise your copy of the latest Winter Village set. 

The tram in 10308 Holiday Main Street is compatible with the existing LEGO track elements and it’s big enough inside to incorporate electronic pieces while still fitting in minifigures. You’ll need 88005 Light, 88009 Hub, 88011 Train Motor as well as 60207 Tracks provided you don’t have any spare, to upgrade 10308 Holiday Main Street

With 60207 Tracks, the cost of this upgrade is £84.96 / €93.96 / $94.96. That’s almost as much as the model itself and combined with it, you’ll need a total of £174.95 / €193.95 / $193.95. 


With this upgrade, you’ll be able to control the Tram using the Powered Up app and the model will include a working light in the middle of its wreath, with the electronic components mostly hidden inside the build. 

It’s not the first time that there has been an open invitation to upgrade a Winter Village model using additional items sold separately as 10254 Winter Holiday Train could be motorised with four extra sets too. 

10308 Holiday Main Street launches on October 7 for everyone or October 3 for VIP members for £89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99. 

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5 thoughts on “Everything you need to upgrade LEGO ICONS 10308 Holiday Main Street

  • 09/10/2022 at 09:56

    I don’t suppose anyone can point me to instructions to electrify the tram? I have the set and the 60337 on order (thanks for that suggestion) but don’t know where to start applying it! Thanks in advance

    • 15/10/2022 at 01:37

      There are alternate instructions in the tram instruction books how to build it with the Lego powered up items.

  • 22/09/2022 at 19:29

    I end up at 154€ for all the components because 60205 contains 4 curves only, so you’ll have to get the track pack four times for a complete oval. You would be better off buying 16 curved track parts 4279717 for 40€ from Pick A Brick but still end at 114€.

    If you really want to motorize the tram get yourself the passenger train 60337 or the older 60197 you be my suggestion.

    • 23/09/2022 at 16:56

      Thank you, Anton! I was trying to price this out and after some back and forth I rad your comment. I’m going to go this route and buy 60337, I’ve had my eye on it anyway so this is perfect!

    • 03/10/2022 at 14:18

      Thanks for highlighting this, I got a round train track set from eBay which saved me a lot! Managed to get the train motor cheaper there as well and it was sold out on the Lego store. Worth checking for some of these extra parts.


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