WATCH: Hollow Knight LEGO is a brilliant idea

Could LEGO and Hollow Knight be the perfect match? Yes, according to one builder – and the 10,000 fans who’ve supported their submission on LEGO Ideas


Developer Team Cherry’s metroidvania video game Hollow Knight launched on PC and Mac in 2017, and hit consoles (including PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One) a year later. LEGO Ideas user Ben Osborne is hoping that 2023 will not only be the year its sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong, arrives – but also the year the LEGO Group greenlights a set based on the side-scrolling platformer.

You can take a closer look at their pitch for a LEGO Hollow Knight set in our latest YouTube video, which also spotlights the incredible brick-built figures Osborne has designed for his project. 2023 is already shaping up to be a big year for video game franchises in LEGO (at least according to recent rumours), so this would be another notch in a sizeable belt for the LEGO Group.

You can check out the same look at this potential LEGO Hollow Knight set over on TikTok, if you prefer to consume vertical video through that platform. Make sure to give us a follow for more like this.


Hollow Knight LEGO is a brilliant Idea

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The fate of Osborne’s LEGO Hollow Knight set now rests in the hands of the LEGO Ideas review board, who must choose whether to produce it as an official set. We’ll find out their verdict later this year.

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