What happened with the 10th anniversary of LEGO DC and Marvel?

A LEGO designer from the DC and Marvel teams has explained what happened with their anniversaries in 2022, suggesting that there aren’t any. 

LEGO designer Mark Stafford has explained why there have been no specific anniversary celebrations for LEGO DC and Marvel in 2022, despite the Super Heroes range launching in 2012. 

Part of the reason behind the lack of anniversary celebrations is unfortunately down to the effects that the Coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdown had on the LEGO designers, who would usually design sets together in person. 

“Well, the designers had a cake,” responded Stafford in the Brickset interview. “In all seriousness, the time we would have been thinking about that and planning something was a year or two ago, when we were in lockdown. As designers, we were not interacting and brainstorming in the way we normally would, so the anniversary really snuck up on us.” 


It’s an unfortunate side effect of the safety precautions the LEGO Group implemented, despite the teams at the company continuing to work online. It appears that working on LEGO sets entirely online wasn’t as easy as interacting face-to-face. 

However, that’s not the only reason Stafford gave for the lack of LEGO Marvel and DC anniversary celebrations in 2022, as the two themes may not have a specific anniversary year to celebrate. 

“We have to consider whether an anniversary would acknowledge Spider-Man’s original appearance in the Studios range or the 2006 Batman theme. Super Heroes does not have a specific birth year in the way many other themes do.” 

The history of LEGO Marvel and DC stretches back to long before the Super Heroes range and as such, an exact date for the anniversary may not be 2022 after all. You could argue that since Spider-Man’s original appearance in Studios was in 2002, by Stafford’s reasoning, 2022 is still the 20th anniversary of LEGO Marvel. Still, the Coronavirus pandemic affected the team’s workflow and as such, the anniversary has not been celebrated so far. 

Unless the LEGO Group has something planned for the remainder of 2022, there are no specific plans for the anniversary of LEGO Marvel and DC Super Heroes, and this year may not have been their 10th anniversary anyway.  

However, LEGO Marvel has received several massive models recently including 76210 Hulkbuster, 76215 Black Panther and 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum. Comparatively, LEGO DC has had fewer sets than usual and for good reason

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