Zavvi LEGO Black Friday deals 2022

Thank you for joining us across Black Friday 2022 in pursuit of the best Zavvi LEGO Black Friday deals – as the wait for Zavvi LEGO Black Friday 2023 begins, keep track through the rest of the year of the very latest and best LEGO deals here.

Zavvi – UK-based but with websites serving multiple locations, including the US and Australia – is known for discounts, bundle deals and cheap worldwide postage, all of which could come in very handy with Zavvi LEGO Black Friday deals.

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Best Zavvi LEGO Black Friday deals

The best Zavvi LEGO Black Friday deals are featured below – keep checking back for more.

75192 Millennium Falcon Zavvi deal card BF code 180
71043 Hogwarts Castle Zavvi deal card BF code 110

Latest Zavvi LEGO Black Friday deals

The latest Zavvi LEGO Black Friday deals can be found in the table below just as soon as they go online.

CountryLEGO themeLEGO setRRPBlack Friday priceBlack Friday savingLink
UK flagStar Wars75192 Millennium Falcon£734.99£599.9918%Buy now
UK flagHarry Potter71043 Hogwarts Castle£409.99£329.9920%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42131 App-Controlled Cat D11 Bulldozer£429.99£289.9933%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75309 Republic Gunship£344.99£284.9917%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42083 Bugatti Chiron£319.99£274.9914%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3£389.99£259.9933%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37£389.99£239.9938%Buy now
UK flagIdeas21330 Home Alone£259.99£229.9912%Buy now
UK flagSuper Mario71411 The Mighty Bowser£229.99£149.9935%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42114 6×6 Volvo Articulated Hauler£229.99£189.9917%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75308 R2-D2£209.99£169.9919%Buy now
UK flagMarvel76218 Sanctum Sanctorum£214.99£144.9933%Buy now
UK flagIcons10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1£209.99£164.9921%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42130 BMW M 1000 RR£214.99£159.9926%Buy now
UK flagIcons10300 Back to the Future Time Machine£169.99£139.9918%Buy now
UK flagTechnic10295 Porsche 911£149.99£124.9917%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75257 Millennium Falcon£149.99£109.9927%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42141 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car£169.99£109.9935%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75315 Imperial Light Cruiser£139.99£119.9914%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75323 The Justifier£149.99£109.9927%Buy now
UK flagMarvel76193 The Guardians’ Ship£139.99£99.9929%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75337 AT-TE Walker£119.99£89.9925%Buy now
UK flagDisney75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls£129.99£99.9923%Buy now
UK flagArchitecture21058 Great Pyramid of Giza£119.99£94.9921%Buy now
UK flagCity60339 Double Loop Stunt Arena£129.99£89.9931%Buy now
UK flagSuper Mario71408 Peach’s Castle Expansion Set£114.99£84.9926%Buy now
UK flagNINJAGO71756 Hydro Bounty£129.99£79.9938%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42144 Material Handler£104.99£71.9931%Buy now
UK flagMarvel76156 Rise of the Domo£89.99£61.9931%Buy now
UK flagCity60295 Stunt Show Arena£89.99£49.9944%Buy now
UK flagFriends41682 Heartlake City School£59.99£39.9933%Buy now
UK flagDisney43187 Rapunzel’s Tower£59.99£39.9933%Buy now
UK flagFriends41395 Friendship Bus£59.99£39.9933%Buy now
UK flagSuper Mario71390 Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set£59.99£38.3936%Buy now
UK flagCity60294 Stunt Show Truck£54.99£31.9942%Buy now
UK flagFriends41688 Magical Caravan£44.99£31.9929%Buy now
UK flagDisney10776 Mickey & Friends Fire Truck & Station£44.99£31.9929%Buy now
US flagStar Wars75192 Millennium Falcon$849.99$669.9921%Buy now with code BFFALCON
US flagHarry Potter71043 Hogwarts Castle$469.99$359.9923%Buy now with code BFCASTLE
US flagTechnic42131 App-Controlled Cat D11 Bulldozer$449.99$359.9920%Buy now with code BFBULLDOZER
US flagTechnic42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3$449.99$349.9922%Buy now with code BFFERRARI
US flagTechnic42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37$449.99$329.9927%Buy now with code BFLAMBO
US flagStar Wars75309 Republic Gunship$399.99$329.9918%Buy now with code BFGUNSHIP
US flagTechnic42083 Bugatti Chiron$349.99$299.9914%Buy now with code BFBUGATTI
US flagIdeas21330 Home Alone$299.99$269.9910%Buy now with code BFHOMEALONE
US flagStar Wars75308 R2-D2$239.99$199.9917%Buy now with code BFR2D2
US flagIcons10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1$239.99$199.9917%Buy now with code BFECTO1
US flagTechnic42130 BMW M 1000 RR$249.99$199.9920%Buy now with code BFBMW
US flagIcons10300 Back to the Future Time Machine$199.99$169.9915%Buy now with code BFTIMEMACHINE
US flagTechnic42145 Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter$209.99$179.9914%Buy now with code BFAIRBUS
US flagTechnic42141 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car$199.99$159.9920%Buy now with code BFMCLAREN
US flagIcons10302 Optimus Prime$179.99$159.9911%Buy now with code BFPRIME
US flagIcons10292 The Friends Apartments $179.99$159.9911%Buy now with code BFFRIENDS
US flagIcons10295 Porsche 911$169.99$149.9912%Buy now with code BFPORSCHE
US flagStar Wars75337 AT-TE Walker$139.99$124.9911%Buy now with code BFATTE
US flagNINJAGO71756 Hydro Bounty$139.99$109.9921%Buy now with code BFBOUNTY

Zavvi LEGO Star Wars Black Friday deals

lego star wars 75192 Milllennium Falcon Falcon at five open featured

There’s only one place to start with Zavvi LEGO Star Wars Black Friday deals: the behemoth that is 75192 Millennium Falcon. The Ultimate Collector Series set turned five in 2022 but its popularity hasn’t diminished. Made up of 7,541 pieces and standing 21cm high, 84cm long and 56cm wide, it’s a giant.

It comes at a giant price too – £699.99. But past Zavvi LEGO Star Wars Black Friday deals have been generous in the extreme, so there’s every chance this iconic set will come down in price at some point in November.

Zavvi boats a great range of LEGO Star Wars sets aside from the Falcon, and they’re all worth checking out.

Zavvi LEGO Technic Black Friday deals

LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron featured resized

LEGO Technic is one of the most popular themes around and Zavvi LEGO Technic Black Friday deals are likely to be snapped up quickly. Indeed, Zavvi has a veritable showroom of LEGO Technic supercars – 42083 Bugatti Chiron, 42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3 and 42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 are all gleaming on the virtual forecourt.

But Zavvi LEGO Technic Black Friday deals are unlikely to be restricted to just four wheels – there are also two-wheelers in the LEGO Technic range, and no wheels at all. 42145 Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter and 42130 BMW M 1000 RR can’t be overlooked either.

Zavvi LEGO Friends Black Friday deals

LEGO Friends 41375 Heartlake City Amusement Pier featured

Grab your passport and pack your bags for a trip to Heartlake City – and Zavvi LEGO Friends Black Friday deals could make the trip all the more affordable. There’s 41375 Heartlake City Amusement Pier, 41430 Summer Fun Water Park Resort and 41685 Magical Funfair Roller Coaster all to be enjoyed.

LEGO Friends celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022 – what better way to mark a decade of a popular theme than with some Zavvi LEGO Friends Black Friday deals?

Does Zavvi have LEGO Black Friday deals?

Zavvi offered some fantastic LEGO Black Friday deals in 2021 and the expectation is for more of the same when it comes to Zavvi LEGO Black Friday deals in 2022.

When is Zavvi’s LEGO Black Friday deals promotion?

Black Friday is Friday November 25 2022, but Zavvi LEGO Black Friday deals are likely to start weeks before then. Keep an eye out from November 1 so you don’t miss anything.

Be sure to stay on Brick Fanatics for all the latest LEGO Black Friday updates and discounts.