1st look at LEGO CMF Series 15

Thanks to Eurobricks user ffgf we have an image of the shop box and on it we can see all 16 of the minifigures. Having looked at the image I have to say this could be one of the best series yet. The line up is as follows; Wrestler, Janitor, Kendo Warrior, Jewel Thief, Astronaut, Winged Warrior, Tribal Woman Mech/Robot, Animal Control, Unlucky guy, Knight Fantastic, Shark Guy, Queen, Satyr, Ballerina and Farmer.

Rumor has it these are out 1st of Jan 2016. I love the new elements including the Skunk and what looks to be a baby with the Tibal Woman. Please note the above are not the confirmed names.




  1. Ferg

    These look great!! The Winged Warrior looks stunning and I love the Shark Guy!

    Anytime you lovely people at the Minifigure Store are ready to accept pre-orders, you just let me know! πŸ™‚

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