2016 LEGO Images removed

Shock horror, the LEGO legal team are earning their money of late as once again we have been served with a “request” to remove all 2016 images from public view. As we are all LEGO fans we have obliged their request and we have removed the article we posted Sunday from public view. This issue is starting to rub the LEGO community up the wrong way.

First we was basically hold to ransom with the Star Wars VI stuff and then unlike previous years, everytime anyone has found any 2016 news LEGO have sent their big dogs after their own fans!! We have always been happy to oblige LEGO but the good will is slowly running out!

Here are a few things LEGO need to realise

  • They need to realise a lot of LEGO fans are smart and work with computers so know how to find stuff.
  • They need to get their own house in order, if you are going to upload unwatermarked images then fans will share the news.
  • There is an old saying “closing the stable door after the horse has bolted” in other words, trying to stop something bad happening when it has already happened and the situation cannot be changed. LEGO sites and fans can not forget what they have read/seen. Plus if you remove a rumor you only confirm that the rumor is in fact true!
  • LEGO via their CEE team need to have a clear set of updated guidelines in what LEGO fan sites can and can not share with their communities. Provention is better then a cure. LEGO fan sites would rather work with and not against LEGO but LEGO need to create a level playing field from the off.

How long does LEGO think fans will continue to do as they say without question?


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4 thoughts on “2016 LEGO Images removed

  • 13/10/2015 at 20:50

    Well said, LEGO need to sort themselves out and realise they are not in the 80s anymore and the internet is something that exists and can not be controlled!

  • 13/10/2015 at 11:27

    Next time this happens, I am going to save all the images and post them on my blog – bugger all LEGO can do…….

    This is utter madness on the part of LEGO………….people now know what to expect, so just leave it…………it will also start to alienate some AFOL’s who will now deliberately go out of their way to ensure that LEGO cannot get them to remove such images when they do get released.

    Their secrecy of stuff is their worst flaw…………..and not a good one.

  • 13/10/2015 at 11:00

    This kind of thing makes no sense. If I’m recalling correctly, the images were hosted on Lego’s own site, correct? So by definition they were public and available to anyone on the internet. We all know that Lego’s website isn’t the best in the world (and considering the size of the company, it’s terrible. Although they are making improvements in recent weeks) but to upload images to a publicly accessible directory is flat-out incompetent.

    And there’s another aspect of this as well: BrickFanatics respected Lego’s request and removed the images. But what about all the other, less-reputable sites and image-hosting sites (other Lego sites, Imgur, Flickr, etc) that don’t remove them? Those websites are now getting traffic because BrickFanatics is doing the right thing and everyone can still find the images and view them anyway.

    As you said above, Lego need to sort this out — don’t upload images to a public directory until they’ve been announced and they won’t have these problems.

  • 13/10/2015 at 10:59

    If someone from LEGO releases images, they shouldn’t be surprised that folks see them online and share them as well. And to threaten them with legal action is just sad and ridiculous.


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