Don’t miss out on 40% off LEGO Friends 41704 Main Street Building 

One of the biggest LEGO Friends sets of all time is still nearly half price at John Lewis as 41704 Main Street Building is on sale now. 

LEGO Friends’ latest range of models has debuted the biggest build in the theme, but there’s still time to catch up on the second-biggest model in LEGO Friends41704 Main Street Building. John Lewis’ sale on the huge set is continuing with a 40% discount still available. 

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Click here to take 40% off the price of LEGO Friends 41704 Main Street Building at John Lewis. 


Despite the retailer’s listing only displaying a 20% sale, rest assured that this is a 40% reduction as the RRP of 41704 Main Street Building is £139.99. For that price, you’re getting 1,682 pieces and eight figures made up of seven mini-dolls and a micro-doll. 

Click here to buy LEGO Friends 41704 Main Street Building at John Lewis now for £83.99. 

Inside the building itself, you’ll find a modular layout that you can rearrange as you wish featuring shops, a hair salon, a café, apartments, and an accessible lift. There’s a skate ramp and moving truck to decorate the exterior space as well. 

41704 Main Street Building is available now and is compatible with the recent relaunch of LEGO Friends thanks to the fact that only one of the original cast of characters is included. Otherwise, it’s a colourful array of mini-dolls to add to your LEGO Heartlake City display with more buildings to expand its facilities and housing too. 

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