40586 Moving Truck isn’t the first LEGO Modular Buildings Collection GWP

The LEGO Modular Buildings Collection has a short, but notable history with GWPs, though most of them are from the past couple of years. 

The LEGO Modular Buildings Collection has a few connections with official gifts-with-purchase, including an array of furniture being delivered to 10312 Jazz Club in 40586 Moving Truck

While details of its release and availability have yet to be confirmed, the connections to 10312 Jazz Club are clear in its official description. However, it’s not the first GWP to be connected to a LEGO modular building in some way. 

Shortly after the release of 10297 Boutique Hotel, 40532 Vintage Taxi was made available with orders of £200 / $200 / €200, just above the price of the new (at the time) modular building. A taxi fits in well with a hotel and it uses the same shade of colour on the box art as 10297 Boutique Hotel


Though, considering that connection it’s still not the first LEGO GWP that ties in with a Modular Buildings Collection set. 

As stated in its official description, 40140 Flower Cart from January 2015 is intended to be displayed alongside 10246 Detective’s Office, which launched that same month. Featuring a minifigure with the same classic smiling face as the modular buildings, this appears to be the first GWP that is explicitly intended to go with a specific LEGO modular building and released near to it. 

We’ll have to see if 40586 Moving Truck follows the trend of being available near its accompanying LEGO Modular Building as 10312 Jazz Club launched in January 2023. At the time of writing, a double VIP points event is ongoing with 40582 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue available with qualifying purchases of £95 / $100 / €100 or more until February 20. 

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