20% off 75192 Millennium Falcon in shopDisney LEGO sale

The shopDisney LEGO sale to celebrate May the 4th includes a 20% reduction on LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series set 75192 Millennium Falcon

This brings down the price for this epic model from its RRP of £699.99 to a far more attractive £559.99. The massive £140 saving will only be available until May 8, although the offer is subject to stock availability so make sure you get in on the action quickly. Five of the eight sets that were launched in the shopDisney Star Wars Day sale have already sold out within hours – don’t miss out on this one!

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75192 Millennium Falcon shopDisney deal card

As one of the biggest and best LEGO sets we’ve ever seen from any theme, this highly detailed UCS model is packed with intricate features and authentic components. Comprised of 7,541 pieces, the thoroughly enjoyable build produces an end product that measures 84cm long, 60cm wide and 21cm tall. 

75192 Millennium Falcon is the largest version of Han Solo’s iconic freighter ever produced by the LEGO Group. The scale adds so much more weight to the model, which boasts upper and lower quad laser cannons, a lowering boarding ramp and a cockpit with a detachable canopy. 

You can fit four minifigures in the cockpit, and the set handily comes with four classic characters – Han, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO. You also get three other minifigures from Episodes VII and VII, as well as two buildable Porgs, a buildable Mynock and a BB-8 droid. 

Whether you’ve been biding your time to pick up this set for yourself, or you’re buying it as a gift of intergalactic proportions, 75192 Millennium Falcon makes for a stunning centrepiece of any LEGO collection. You can pick it up now for the reduced price of £559.99, which is a saving of a full 20% on the RRP. 

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What’s more, shopDisney will deliver your new Falcon free of charge when you order your copy today. The retailer also has a number of further selected sets available in its Star Wars Day LEGO sale

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Display caseFull priceDiscounted price
UCS Millennium Falcon (Vertical) Display Case for LEGO 75192/10179£182.40£164.16
UCS Millennium Falcon (Horizontal) Display Case for LEGO 75192/10179£166.80£150.12
UCS Millennium Falcon Display Case for LEGO 75192/10179£159.60£143.64

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