A beginner’s guide to LEGO MINDSTORMS

LEGO MINDSTORMS 51515 Robot Inventor has launched, but what is it and why should LEGO fans pay attention?

The world of LEGO has many different aspects to it, some of which are very mysterious the majority of fans. MINDSTORMS definitely fits into that category, with very dedicated devotees loving it, but plenty of fans confused about what it offers.

With 51515 Robot Inventor launching the latest version of the robotics and coding system, LEGO fans have the perfect opportunity to pay attention to this exciting part of the portfolio.

Here are answers to the key questions fans might have about the latest iteration of LEGO MINDSTORMS

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Does LEGO MINDSTORMS require knowledge of computers and coding?

No! It’s designed to teach children of 10 years old and over how to design and program robots, so it’s perfect for beginners. Sure, some adults are already experts at these things, but most are clueless and LEGO MINDSTORMS walks users through everything step by step.

Isn’t MINDSTORMS a really old system?

It originally launched in 1998, but this is an entirely new version and in reality an entirely different product. The original MINDSTORMS worked with PC software, whereas this new edition just requires downloading a free app. Bluetooth from a handheld device connects with the Hub, which comes in 51515 Robot Inventor.

What comes in the box?

An intelligent Hub with an LED screen and speaker, four motors and two sensors. These are the technology part that make the robots work, which are used in conjunction with more than 900 LEGO pieces – some of which are only in this set. The app shows, step by step, how to build the robots with the Hub, motors and sensors, then how to make them work.

LEGO Mindstorms 51515 Robot Inventor 6

How many robots does the set build?

There are five different robots, which can be built one at a time. By following along with the steps to build each one, users will learn the principles of building and coding the robots. Each one can perform different tasks.

How is this useful for my free builds?

This is where MINDSTORMS gets really interesting. All of those builds and sets that are sitting there, not moving, could be moving. They could even be reacting to different colours! Building through the tasks in 51515 Robot Inventor will teach fans how to use the system, with a free programming area in the app then allowing users to apply that knowledge to make original builds that incorporate the technology.

Is this really compatible with a PlayStation controller?

Yes! Console controllers can be used to control the robots and make them move around.

What is the best thing this has been used for so far?

A dog selfie booth! That’s right, LEGO MINDSTORMS has been used to create a photobooth for a dog, in which the dog takes the selfie itself. The possibilities really are endless.

Where can I buy it?


Can’t I win one, instead of buy one?

If you can give Brick Fanatics a fun idea for a robot, yes! Check out the competition page here.

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