A new LEGO winter train for 2016 rumour

Rumors are doing the rounds that this years Winter Village exclusive will be a new train. The rumour has come from both Eurobrick users nesquick and Just2Good both are known for having “sources” that are in the know, so we can take it there must be something to the rumour.

While the news at this early stage of the year is vague what we have heard so far is it won’t be another re-release like last year. So we won’t be getting a newer version of the 10173 Holiday Train from 2006 instead it will be all new! Thank god as last year LEGO IMO dropped a massive own goal by re-releasing a set.

We won’t know for sure till the summer but I for one can not wait as every year I set up a train round the tree, last year it was a holiday themed version of the train from Lone Ranger, it will be great to just build one straight from the box 🙂

News via multiple sources 😉



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    06/02/2016 at 11:31

    This is good news. I hated the fact that last year’s winter offering was a re-release (although not having the train, I would have been (will be?)) less upset if they re-release the train.

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