We’re adding a LEGO DC Advent Calendar to our Christmas wishlist

Despite confusion over the future of the theme, we’re still hoping that a LEGO DC Advent Calendar might one day become a reality.

Most fans of the LEGO DC theme will probably have been pulling out what’s left of their hair in 2022. Compared to the licensing juggernaut that is Marvel, Warner Bros. Discovery’s own comic book division has failed to spawn any notable new LEGO sets this year, with only Batman providing the inspiration for one recent model.

However, change is a constant and the LEGO DC theme isn’t dead in the water just yet. Despite ignoring the upcoming release of Black Adam as a potential source of material, a recent rumour suggests the LEGO Group may have at least one set in the works based on next year’s The Flash movie. It’s possible there may be more planned beyond that, but there’s been no confirmation from the LEGO Group regarding any 2023 sets whatsoever so far.

If the theme could be turned around at some point, one potential set we’d like to see would definitely have to be a LEGO DC Advent Calendar. With similar LEGO Star Wars, Marvel and Harry Potter calendars arriving annually for a number of years now, there’s no reason to think that a DC Comics themed version wouldn’t be just as much of a success.

If this particular fan wish was ever to come to fruition, the possibilities for potential minifigures and mini builds that could be included in a LEGO DC Advent Calendar are endless. Following in the footsteps of similar festive LEGO calendars, we’d like to see a Batman minifigure decked out in Arctic gear, villains in the shape of Captain Cold and Mister Freeze and who wouldn’t want a Santa Superman minifigure complete with sack of Christmas presents?

In addition, iconic vehicles and locations such as the Batmobile, Batwing and the Justice League Javelin spaceship, plus snow-capped versions of Teen Titans Tower and the Daily Planet building would complete a must-have holiday-themed set.

What do you think of the potential for a LEGO DC Advent Calendar? Leave a comment below and let us know what minifigures and mini builds you think should be included in such a potential holiday set.

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