Award #11 – MOC of the year

The more the years pass, the more I appreciate MOCs over actual LEGO sets. I find that the only limitation is your own imagination and this year has been another awesome year. I’ve had the pleasure of featuring some amazing MOCs in Blocks Magazine both in the Flickr Its and Showcase section. We have also featured some awesome MOCS on this site, plus you can find loads in our Flickr Group. So who won this year?

Adam –  Technic Millennium Falcon by Joe Gan

Using Technic pieces is greatly different to LEGO bricks, so using them to rebuild iconic Star Wars ships is even more impressive.

Luc – Ultimate Millennium Falcon by Titan Creations

Because apparently, the UCS Falcon just isn’t ‘ultimate’ enough, a team of Singaporean MOCers decided to show the world how to do it properly. The ten thousand piece project isn’t just big, it’s meticulously detailed and one of those that you just spend time looking at. Brilliant work.

Séb –  Anger by Angus MacLane

Inside Out is a hilarious, witty, clever and vibrant film with a great selection of characters. Angus MacLane, the genius behind the Wall-E Ideas model has managed to create an amazing version of Anger that couldn’t look more like him if he tried! Definitely a worthy winner in my eyes.

Richard – Ultimate Millennium Falcon by Titan Creations

What an awesome choice to pick from. All outstanding in their own way and probably the hardest pick so far. Before I explain my decision I want to mention some of my favourite MOCs too. Norton 74 continues to impress me with his awesome Camper Van and retro car MOCs. The awesome Erebor by Micha? Ka?mierczak is just mind-blowing, we have seen more amazing Star Wars MOCS then I can remember and I reckon 2016 will be just the same, plus Eric Druon proved you can make cool MOCs at a small scale. So I had to pick a winner from the above 3. Anger is my fave character from an awesome film and Angus did an amazing job, but the Millennium Falcon is an iconic ship and the two above are probably among the best MOCs out there. I’ve gone with Titan Creations’ version as they proved the UCS can be made better. In fact, I doubt anyone could top it………

This year’s MOC of the year – Ultimate Millennium Falcon by Titan Creations




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