Award #21 – Shock of the year

Yesterday was a dud of an award and I don’t think it will be back in 2016. We do have to try these things and have learnt which awards are popular and which are not. Today is the shock of the year. This covers what shocked us the most in 2015. Let’s see what we all picked and if you agree or not.

Adam – LEGO Dimensions 

 I had an idea what Dimensions would offering but little did I know just how many licences they had managed to squeeze into a single game.

Luc – Heartlake City at LEGOLAND: Windsor.

I was excited about the new Friends-themed area at LEGOLAND opening this year but I didn’t expect it to have quite such a broad appeal. The outdoor brickwork is impressive, the indoor cityscape a treat, the coffee real, the ice cream too, the show was a blast and the performers brilliant with the guests. Hope it sticks around.

Séb – Announcing Ghostbuster’s Firehouse HQ for January.

Definitely couldn’t have predicted this epic set being announced for early 2016 but it’s happening and, for many, will surely be a day one purchase. It started with the Ideas Ecto-1 because LEGO listened to the fans, and now we’re drooling over our wallets at this mammoth build. Well done LEGO. Well done indeed.

Richard – LEGO Dimensions

Well the Angry Birds arrival shocked me as the game is somewhat dated now, but with an upcoming movie release it makes sense. Also the Scooby-Doo theme was a shock as I questioned it. Other shocks included some bad Ideas announcements, LEGO sending out faulty sets. The Ghostbusters HQ (while big news) was something I knew was in the pipeline. The amount of exclusives shocked me and a re-released Winter Village also was a big shock. However, I have to pick a winner and the Dimensions announcement shocked both the LEGO and gaming communities. That in itself is worthy of a win but the fact is – it is an awesome move by LEGO.

This year’s shock of the year – LEGO Dimensions





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One thought on “Award #21 – Shock of the year

  • 21/12/2015 at 23:20

    The amount of licences LEGO have got there hands on this year has made me very excited to see what 2016 brings…


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