Award #25 – Worst Theme of the Year

Are we all enjoying Xmas, if so then why you reading this. Thankfully I hope most of you are not as today we are going to really upset a large fanbase but I think we picked the right theme for this years award. A massive thank you first to the entire panel who took the time to pick their winners for 2015. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we have done bringing you our awards.

Adam – Star Wars (The Force Awakens Sets)

 Most of the Star Wars sets have been OK especially the MicroFighters, Buildable Figures and the Rebels sets. But the Force Awakens sets have been a little disappointing, hopefully the next wave will be a lot better.

Keith –  Star Wars

I am sick to the back teeth of countless, irrelevant models at silly prices. I know Disney want to flog the IP to death but the increase in Ep VII, Rebels and all the other IP’s from the Star Wars range just annoys me where there should be an opportunity to allow the classic sets to flourish.

Luc – Bionicle

They made all that fuss when they announced it was coming back and then completely failed to do anything that even remotely interested me… at all.

Séb –  Bionicle

Why it had to make a return I don’t know. I wasn’t into it originally, and I’m certainly not excited by it now. Just a bunch of weird parts to make weird monster/robot/action-man figures that I don’t consider real LEGO. Definitely my least favourite thing LEGO has ever done. Sorry if you’re a fan, but I just don’t get it and probably never will…

Richard –  Speed Champions

I was really hoping that Pirates was going to be ace but LEGO did what the did to Castle a few years back and juniorized it so was pretty miffed about that. I don’t care for Bionicle or Star Wars but both are popular themes just not for me however I loath Speed Champions, poor sets, poorly designed, over priced and too many stickers in all a very weak theme!

This year’s Worst theme of the year –  Bionicle

This theme got the award as Adam only voted for the Stars Wars VII sub theme so Bionicle got the vote 2 to 1.




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