Award #8 – Minifigure of the year

So we have covered the sets and to start week two of our awards we look at the minifigures. As always LEGO continue to make the minifigures more and more detailed. Side printing, arm printing, more details overall. This year we also split LEGO minifigures from custom ones and have given custom minifigures their own award which comes tomorrow. Again, we only have 4 judges for this award, but read on to see if you agree with the panel. I think today is the biggest shock in our awards ever!

Adam –  AntiMatter from Ultra Agents

Ultra Agents may have been greatly overlooked but this minifigure is one of my favourite full stop. Uses great new pieces and looks very menacing.

Luc – AntiMatter from Ultra Agents

I really wanted it to be Boba Fett but the backpack was so underwhelming I built my own. Vader’s new helmet was awesome but, under it, he looks like a friendly Grandpa not a Sith lord. If there’s one thing the Ultra Agents series did amazingly well, it was baddies and the big boss is well conceived, atmospheric and brilliantly detailed, and the print on the front of the unique hood piece has better resolution than the human eye.

Séb –  Trick Or Treat Skeleton Guy from Series 14

A lot of minifigures have been released throughout 2015 and every year LEGO ups the standard of printing and designs. A few could have been a winner and I’m sure not everyone will agree with me on this choice, but since the pics emerged from the Halloween themed-CMF series, the Trick or Treater was a favourite almost immediately. He works as a brilliant character to visit the Haunted House and I love the fact he’s got a mask on rather than being an actual skeleton. The printing is amazing as it even wraps around the side of the legs too and to top it off, he comes with a little pumpkin head treat bag. Honourable mention goes to Hot Dog costume guy for his wacky outfit.

Richard – The Doctor from LEGO Dimensions

So this year according to the Brickset database there were 666 minifigures released. I have to say the recent series of CMF’s gave us some excellent minifigures. As a superhero fan I liked the exclusive Arsenal as well as an awesome Deathstroke.  The Scooby-Doo gang and the ghost ninjas were ace. There are loads I could pick, but because I’m a massive fan, my pick is The Doctor from the LEGO Dimensions set.

This year’s minifigure of the year – AntiGravity from Ultra Agents



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2 thoughts on “Award #8 – Minifigure of the year

  • 08/12/2015 at 17:22

    This was a super competitive year for figures, I also liked the first order Stormtroopers with there sharp, sleek printing that wasn’t over the top and found just the right balance. Also most of the figures from collectible minifigures, but Ultra Agents has introduced a lot for different types of moulding techniques so I think it deserved some recognition.

  • 08/12/2015 at 16:41

    I was quite partial to the Yellow Jacket figure from the Ant Man set. Although I like the Plant Guy from the latest minifig series too.


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