Batman v Superman? LEGO Batman knows who really wins that fight

Bank holiday Monday means another quiet news day. But I read an interesting article on USA Today. Firstly I make a point of not reading reviews of films I’ve not seen as in past I’ve avoided watching them based on someones miss guided films. Now I go and watch films and make my own opinion on it. The new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is raking in the money but seems it’s getting slated by so called review experts! (29% critical rating on RottenTomatoes). The question that is getting fans flocking to cinemas is  to answer the eternal question: Who wins in a fight between Batman versus Superman?

Well we have biased view from our very own LEGO Batman Will Arnett. He is  the voice of Lego Batman in the upcoming 2017 movie  The Lego Batman Movie;

“I’m biased,” Arnett tells USA TODAY. “But Batman has the advantage. Superman’s gifts were God-given. He was born that way on another planet. Batman had to use his mind muscles and become a superhero. So he came up with it all on his own. And obviously because of his superior intellect, ultimately (Batman) would always be triumphant in the end. That’s my take.”

“I don’t want to get into a big battle with Superman fans. I don’t want to fill my Twitter inbox with haters from the Superman camp, that’s not what I’m looking for,” says Arnett. “All I’m saying is Batman came up with it all on his own. Ultimately, I think his superior intellect will prevail.”

Fans will notice that in the brief glimpse we saw of the LEGO Justice League in the Lego Batman trailer it was, ahem, Batman leading over Superman (the rest of the super-gang was following too).

Question is have you seen the movie and if so is it good or bad?


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