Behind the scenes of Katy Perry’s LEGO brick dress

The LEGO holiday campaign for 2022 features Katy Perry in a LEGO dress and now the story behind this unique clothing has been explained.

In the LEGO Group’s 2022 holiday advertising campaign, Katy Perry wears a LEGO brick dress and other accessories and now, the story behind this unique outfit has been revealed as a collaboration between Katy’s costume designer, Heather Picchiottino, and head of design at the LEGO Group, Matthew Ashton. 

“Creating this dress for Katy was definitely a career highlight for me,” explained Heather. “It was a special moment to create a dress for one of the most iconic music artists and the most iconic toy company in the world, the LEGO Group! 

“Katy’s style is unique, bold and she often wears pieces that incorporate surrealism and elements of surprise. The LEGO dress definitely fitted into her style heritage in that it was celebrating a clever way to use a non-fashion item to create a fabulous dress.” 


The dress consists of a series of enlarged bricks incorporated into the dress including on the body, on the arms and on the head. Another portion of the interview on shared that this wasn’t the first design for the LEGO brick dress though. 

“I sketched out all the possibilities and presented sketches to Katy who chose her favourite design. Once the design was locked in, I worked with my team in Los Angeles to make a pattern and sew the dress. Matthew and the design team at the LEGO Group created all these amazing designs with LEGO elements to add to the dress. It took some trial and error, but we made it happen! 

“The fun part was the thrill of it all coming together, right in the last moment. I remember Matthew and I were making changes and additions right up to the moment we shot the first take!” 

You can watch the first advertisement of the new holiday campaign by checking out our initial report as well as learn how to win a new LEGO bundle with Katy Perry merchandise through the VIP Rewards Centre

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