Better look at first LEGO Technic Polybag in 21 years

The first LEGO Technic polybag in 21 years has found its way into hands of a fan, meaning we can get a closer look at this monumental, miniature model.

LEGO Technic collectors may need to be on the lookout for a new polybag, as 30465 Helicopter presents a rarity in the theme. This is the first set of it’s kind since the Robo-Riders collection in 2000. That marks a huge gap for such an iconic LEGO theme to not have any of the small sets.

Admittedly, it can’t be easy to make the micro models, especially for Technic which consistently creates complex and challenging builds at huge scales. Thankfully, polybag-lovers will no doubt be pleased to see a return to them in the theme and might be excited to get a better look at 30465 Helicopter thanks to AustrianBrickFan.

It appears that the LEGO YouTuber has managed to track down the model and has published one of his LEGO speed build and reviews for it. Thanks to the video, we’ve got our first look at the set and its play features. With 70 pieces, the green, black and white colour scheme might stand out amongst even the largest Technic builds and features a spinning rotor and blades all with the turn of a gear.


Like most of the LEGO Group’s polybags, we’re not sure if this will be available as part of a promotion or if you’ll just have to hope to get lucky in your local supermarket. However, a collection of the products has recently been made available on the official online store, so there might just be hope yet.

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