Brick Fanatic LEGO Awards 2015

Drum roll please…..the 4th annual Brick Fanatic awards (“The Emmets”) start tomorrow! In what has now become a Brick Fanatics festive tradition, join us every day as we count down the days till Christmas with a daily award. Last year’s and 2013’s awards can still be found on our old archive site by clicking here. Sadly when the site was updated in early 2013 all old posts were lost. So, unlike every other LEGO fan site out there that will bore you with the advent calendar countdown (again!), we aim to spice things up and generate some interesting discussions regarding our award winners.

We will also be running our Great LEGO Christmas Giveaway starting tomorrow!!

The awards will work as follows: our staff will pick their nominee from each of the categories listed below and from that list an overall winner will be picked; hopefully the one with the most nominations. These awards are meant to be lighthearted and we hope it will spark some debate over what we think is the best, etc.

Here is the list of award categories where each day we will post the nominees and winner from one category right up to and including Christmas.

  • Polybag of the year
  • £20 or under set of the year
  • £40 or under set of the year
  • £60 or under set of the year
  • £100 or under set of the year
  • Large set of the year (£100 or more)
  • Overall set of the year – must be from one of the picks above
  • Minifigure of the year
  • Custom minifigure of the year
  • Ideas project of the year
  • MOC of the year
  • Magazine of the year
  • Video game of the year
  • App of the year
  • Book of the year
  • Original Theme of the year
  • License Theme of the year
  • Best website of the year
  • Customizer of the year (3rd party sites who create custom minifigures etc)
  • Shopping seller of the year
  • Surprise package of the year
  • Biggest disappointment of the year
  • Worst set of the year
  • Worst minifigure of the year
  • Worst theme of the year




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One thought on “Brick Fanatic LEGO Awards 2015

  • 30/11/2015 at 16:13

    Nice to see you put Custom Minifigures into a different category this year! I’m excited 😀


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