Brick Fanatics LEGO Advent Calendar – December 25

Brick Fanatics wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas – celebrate the day with this bonus build from our Unofficial LEGO Advent Calendar 2018…

December 25 – Santa Claus and Rudolph

Christmas is by far my favourite season. I am like a big kid around this time of year and just love everything associated with Christmas especially when it comes to Santa, so I knew for my final build I wanted to make a micro Santa and Rudolph.

The intention behind this design was to use it as a table decoration or something you could put on a mantle piece along with all the other decorations and so I decided to use the classic Christmas colour scheme of red and green for the base plate.

For Rudolph’s horns, the tan handle of a bucket works absolutely perfectly and the little white 1×1 with swirled top looks great as Santa’s hat. I tried using 1×1 red round plates and tiles for the hat but the shaping just was not quite right. Although the swirled top is white I think it looks more like Santa’s hat than any other part I tried. My favourite part though is the 1×1 with vertical tooth for his beard.

This is relatively simple build but one that I hope fills you with Christmas cheer!

LEGO Santa sleigh 1

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