Brick Fanatics LEGO Advent Calendar – December 9

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December 9 – Transformers – Optimus Prime

This year I must be feeling in a particular nostalgic mood. With the exception of one build, all of my LEGO advent calendar builds this year come from the 1980s. And what better icon of the 1980s to micro build than the leader of the autobots himself, Optimus Prime?

This was the first time I have built anything with an anatomical design in micro form (or anyscale for that matter) and so it was a fun experience to undertake. Starting with the 1×1 modified brick with studs on four sides for the head, then adding the blue 1×1 plate with tooth to each side, the unmistakable head of Optimus Prime instantly took shape.

LEGO Optimus Prime 4

From there on it was working out how to include as much detail as possible while keeping within the right scale. I used a 1×2 trans-light blue plate for what would be the windscreen of the truck, followed by a 1×2 grille for the front of his body and then used a 3l bar and 1×1 modified tiles with clips on either side for the exhaust ports that are on either side of Prime’s shoulder blades.

My favourite part of this build are the hips and legs. I really like the way the 4l bar connects everything together. My original design for the arms used a couple of red 1×2 hinge plates but they are actually quite a rare part and I wanted this to be a build that everyone could easily put together. I opted for the much more common 1×2 plates with handles and clips for the arms instead. It does not look quite as good, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

Check out more of Dmitri’s builds on Instagram, where he goes by @legodimnico. 

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