Brick Pic of the Day: 30 July 16


Image: Roy Of Florenheim

There has been a lot of DC-related love lately. From the recent LEGO Batman Movie trailer (which looks amazing) to the Wonder Woman and Justice League ones, and not forgetting the imminent release of Suicide Squad, DC fans certainly have plenty to look forward to.

This colourful model features the popular Justice League character Flash and uses a technique I hadn’t seen done this way before which really caught my eye. It’s creator ‘Sci-Castle’ had this to say about it:

“I built this creation in one afternoon, roughly two hours I would say. I had many challenges with the structure and stability due to multiple sections built with SNOT (Studs Not On Top). It was important to me that this model could be transported and didn’t fall apart in the process, while still including some complex building.

Some of my favourite techniques incorporated into the build are the water, arches under the bridge, and the overall landscaping. This was quite a random build for me that started by just experimenting with some terrain techniques. I also am a big fan of the Flash TV showing airing on the CW, and the superhero character in general. After discovering some interesting “speed” techniques for the LEGO minifigure, I wanted to give him a unique MOC.”

Check out more of Roy’s excellent LEGO skills on his Flickr here.

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