BrickLink offers shipping update for first round of Designer Program sets

Anyone who ordered sets in the BrickLink Designer Program’s first round will get them in the next few months as the team has provided an update.

The first round of the BrickLink Designer Program launched in July 2021, breaking the site immediately in the process. However, after another phase of the program has ended, only a selection of those who ordered the fan-made models have received their purchased products.

The team at BrickLink have provided an update on the orders on their social media explaining that worldwide shipping delays have affected the arrival of the sets. They are currently expecting them to arrive in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in March 2022.

The thread continues, explaining that anyone who ordered in August 2021 will be getting their builds by June 2022 at the latest with the necessary processes currently taking place.

The team notes that you may still receive shipping updates via email including backorder notifications. However, you can rest assured that your order is still on the way and that these are just automated.

The third round of crowdfunding is expected to start later in 2022 with no further details of a launch date revealed at the time of writing. You can check what nine models are included in the next phase by reading our in-depth guide.

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