Celebrate the holidays with a festive LEGO fireplace video

The LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Group is celebrating the holidays with a new stop-motion LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Yule log video, with surprises in store.

If you can’t gather the family around the fireplace this Christmas, the LEGO Group is offering an online solution: a LEGO Yule log featuring some stop-motion surprises.

Christmas might be different for a lot of LEGO fans this year with global restrictions in place. For those celebrating with the family online, why settle for a normal looping fireplace video when the LEGO Group is offering a fun alternative?

The video features a fully brick-built fireplace scene with roaring fire effects that might appear to be looping over the one-hour length. However, to keep things fresh this Christmas, certain minifigures and LEGO animals make guest appearances, performing various tasks and Christmas deeds.


The LEGO Yule log has had a transformation since last year, with it no longer being a live stream. That makes it a perfect addition throughout the Christmas period. From opening presents to eating leftover turkey, the LEGO Group wants to help you celebrate the entire holiday season.

The LEGO Group is also celebrating Build Day tomorrow (December 26), inviting fans to gather their bricks new or old, and spend the day building with fans across the world.

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